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If ScrewAttack's battles were non-lethal...
Making this an official submission...
How do you think they would go? Here's my two cents:
-Boba Fett vs Samus Aran: Rather than blasting Fett's head off, Samus simply spin kicks him, shattering the ice around his head and knocking him unconscious as he is sent flying
-Akuma vs Shang Tsung: Tsung is still barely alive after the beatdown Akuma gives him, and Akuma walks away, hoping Tsung will get stronger
-Rogue vs Wonder Woman: Rogue drains just enough of Wonder Woman's power to weaken her before knocking her out with a punch
-Goomba vs Koopa: The goomba and his friends all stagger back onto the stage, dazed, while the Koopa comes back out as a Dry Bones.
-Haggar vs Zangief: Same events, but Haggar gets on his hands and knees, exhausted, as Zangief cheers.
-TMNT Battle Royale: Mikey is incapacitated by a wound that Leo covers up with his headband while Raph and Donnie fight, Donnie gets punched unconscious by Raph, and Raph gets stabbed through the chest rather than the throat, allowi
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 9 17
If ScrewAttack's verdicts were reversed...
I decided to post this as an official submission so I could notify you guys when I update it for new battles.
Boba Fett vs Samus Aran: Fett wraps Samus up in his whip and blows her head to pieces with a point-blank blaster shot
Akuma vs Shang Tsung: Tsung absorbs enough of Akuma's soul to reduce him to a withered corpse
Rogue vs Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman splatter Rogue's head into mush with a punch
Haggar vs Zangief: The same, but Haggar gets up instead of Zangief
TMNT Royale [Raphael victory]: Raph snaps Leo's blades and jams both of his sai into Leo's neck
TMNT Royale [Donatello victory]: Donnatello bashes Leo's skull open with his bo staff
TMNT Royale [Michelangelo victory]: Mikey hits Leo in the neck with his nunchuks hard enough to break it
Leonardo vs Zitz: Zitz pins Leo to the ground and jams his drill into his head
Yoshi vs Riptor: Riptor tears Yoshi apart and eats the remains
Felicia vs Taokaka: Felicia claws Tao's throat out
Kratos vs Spawn: Kratos turns Spawn to stone and s
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 7 18
I'm bored. Let's do a Hunger Games.
District 1: Rick Sanchez [Rick and Morty], Mizore [Rosario + Vampire], Austin [Me], Shawn [My brother]
District 2: Tamatoa [Moana], Flaky [Happy Tree Friends], Shantae, ALF
District 3: Tharja [Fire Emblem], Baby [Dinosaurs], The Old Man [Phelous], Mero [Monster Musume]
District 4: Jeffy [SuperMarioLogan], Lucina [Fire Emblem], Achmed [Jeff Dunham], Moka [Rosario + Vampire]
District 5: Benson [Regular Show], Gatomon [Digimon], Ian [Smosh], Circus Baby [FNaF]
District 6: Ian's Mom [Smosh], Rachnera [Monster Musume], Shaggy [Scooby Doo], Azura [Fire Emblem]
District 7: Josh [Drake and Josh], Katniss [Hunger Games], Big Daddy [Bioshock], Junko [Danganronpa]
District 8: Zim [Invader Zim], Jontron, Miku [Vocaloid], Erza [Fairy Tail]
District 9: Papyrus [Undertale], Maka [Soul Eater], Maui [Moana], Yoruichi [Bleach]
District 10: Robbie [LazyTown], Blair [Soul Eater], Cell [Dragon Ball], Petunia [Happy Tree Friends]
District 11: Santa Christ [Channel Awesome], Asuna [Sword Art Online], Frank [
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 3 0
Voiced by Tara Strong
When a top-secret program attempted to recreate the original Weapon X experiment that involved the feral mutant Wolverine, they failed to secure a test subject that could survive the bonding of the virtually unbreakable metal Adamantium to their skeleton. Seeking to take the project in a new direction, the project's director, Doctor Martin Sutter, recruited renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney and tasked her with creating a clone. Using the only available genetic sample from Weapon X, which was damaged, they were unable to salvage the Y chromosome after 22 attempts. Kinney then proposed they create a female clone, and though her request was initially denied, she still went ahead and produced a viable female subject, prompting Sutter to reconsider. Despite resistance from his protégé Doctor Zander Rice, whom he had raised after Rice's father was killed by a bestial Wolverine at the original Weapon X Project, Sutter allo
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 5 3
UASBR: Lyon Vastia
Lyon Vastia
Voiced by Jerry Jewell
A former student of Ur alongside Gray. He is an Ice-Make wizard but, unlike Gray and Ur, can use his power to create living ice golems. Introduced as the villainous Cold Emperor Lyon, he is obsessed with surpassing his late teacher by resurrecting and defeating Deliora, who Ur sacrificed herself for to seal away. He is eventually beaten by Gray and convinced to move on with his life by joining Lamia Scale.
Post-Timeskip Appearance
Pre-Timeskip Appearance
Oracion Seís Arc Outfit
This had better be interesting. [Selection Quote]
I was waiting for someone of this strength... [Selection Quote]
Let's begin. [Selection Quote]
Okay. Let's see what this does. [Item Quote]
Will this help my Ice-Make magic? [Item Quote]
Did Lamia Scale send this? [Item Quote]
This will put you on ice. [Item Quote]
What is this? [Item Quote]
That's that, I guess. [Super Quote]
I actually thought you were stronger. [Super Quote]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 2 0
UASBR: Abomasnow
Voiced by Bill Rogers (Abomasnow)/Laura Bailey (Sina)
Abomasnow is a Pokemon that lives in the snowy mountains and causes blizzards. This Abomasnow is under the ownership of Sina, a news reporter.
Standard Appearance
Shiny Abomasnow
Female Abomasnow
Snover Palette
Abomasnow, I choose you! [Selection Quote]
I was waiting for someone tough! [Selection Quote]
Let's do this, Abomasnow! [Selection Quote]
Abomasnow, what did you just pick up? [Item Quote]
Abomasnow, I don't think that's a snack [Item Quote]
Is that a new Pokemon item? [Item Qupte]
Did Dexio send this to us? [Item Quote]
Let's see if this comes in handy. [Item Quote]
Well, that's that, I guess. [Super Quote]
Great work, Abomasnow! [Super Quote]
Don't worry. This battle's not over yet! [Super Quote]
Another win for me and my awesome team! [Super Qupte]
If it makes you feel any better, you did a good job. [Super Quote]
Abomasnow! Are you alright? [Respawn Quote]
Oh no! This isn
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 4 0
Voiced by Idina Menzel
Elsa was born with mysterious icy powers. While she embraced them at first, when she unintentionally nearly killed her little sister Anna with a blast of ice, she began to fear her powers and tried to keep them concealed within her. However, on the day of her corronation, she grew stressed and her powers acted up, causing her to run into the mountains. After reconciling with her sister, Elsa grew to love her powers.
Standard Appearance
Queen Outfit
Anna Palette
Kristoff Palette
What are you doing?! [Selection Quote]
Please, just stay away! [Selection Quote]
I don't want to hurt you... [Selection Quote]
Hey! What's this? [Item Quote]
I hope this thing won't curse me even more. [Item Quote]
Is this from Arendelle's Royal Guard? [Item Quote]
Why won't you leave me alone?! [Item Quote]
Will this help me control my powers? [Item Quote]
Well, that's that. [Super Quote]
I'm sorry... [Super Quote]
Forgive me. [Super Quote]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 6 2
UASBR: Chun-Li
Voiced by Laura Bailey
nterpol agent and the original fighting game Action Girl. She joined Interpol to investigate her father's apparent death at the hands of Bison and constantly pursues him and any other members of Shadaloo. After investigating S.I.N.'s possible association with Shadaloo alongside Cammy and Guile, she retired and set up an orphanage.
Standard Appearance
SSF4 Alt. Costumes
Tank Top and Shorts
Alpha Appearance
You ready for this? [Selection Quote]
I'm the strongest woman in the world. [Selection Quote]
I'll take you on. [Selection Quote]
Looks like help is here! [Item Quote]
I think I could use this [Item Quote]
Interpol's been busy. [Item Quote]
See how you like this! [Item Quote]
Where did this come from? [Item Quote]
Oops! Maybe I should've held back! [Super Quote]
Phew. That was a close one! [Super Quote]
You're really strong! [Super Quote]
Maybe you should learn to pick your fights better. [Super Quote]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 8 0
UASBR: Slippy Toad
Slippy Toad
Voiced by Mike McAuliffe
Slippy Toad was Fox McCloud's best friend from the pilot training academy, and the two would graduate to form the team of Star Fox, where Slippy served as the mechanic. Despite his occasional blunders behind the cockpit, the team values Slippy as one of their members.
Assault Appearance
64 Appearance
Adventures Appearance
Pink Jumpsuit
I can do this... I can do this... [Selection Quote]
Ooh, where's a landmaster when ya need one? [Selection Quote]
Can we do this later? I have a dentist appointment.
[Selection Quote]
Oh man... [Item Quote]
Just what I needed! [Item Quote]
Oh boy. A pick-me-up! [Item Quote]
Will this come in handy? [Item Quote]
It's not a Smart Bomb but it'll do! [Item Quote]
Whew! That was too close for comfort... [Super Quote]
I won? I ACTUALLY WON?! That's a relief... [Super Quote]
Hoo! That really took a lot out of me! [Super Quote]
I can't believe that worked! [Super Quote]
If only Fox could s
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 3 0
Death Battle Quotes: Biscuit Krueger
All right, I'm gonna teach you a lesson! [Entrance]
Let's see what kind of path you've chosen then! [Entrance]
I'll teach YOU to not pay attention to me! [Entrance]
Hmph! Didn't even NEED to transform! [Win]
Guess you need to go back to training! [Win]
And THAT'S for insulting my real form! [Win]
Don't you say one single solitary WORD about my age, you hear me?! [Results]
Guess you pass my test. You're strong enough. [Results]
We'll fight again when you're ready. [Results]
OKAY, NOW I'M REALLY ANGRY! [Activating X-Factor]
Just a minute~! [When switched in]
HEY! YOU! [Tag in after one ally is defeated]
I'M GONNA CRUSH YOU EASILY! [Tag in after both allies are defeated]
Please? For me? [Calling Assist]
Your training's not done yet! [After performing Assist]
Oooogh...This is just GREAT... [Defeated by a light attack]
EEEEEEEEEEEK! [Defeated by a heavy attack]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
Death Battle Quotes: Gunbuster
NOTE: Gunbuster is a giant character
Noriko: Okay! Let's show 'em what we can do! [Entrance]
Kazumi: I'm all set! Let's get to it! [Entrance]
Noriko: All right! Time for action! [Entrance]
Kazumi: Way to go, Noriko! [Win]
Noriko: Yes, yes, YES! [Win]
Kazumi: Heh. Guess we're on top around here. [Win]
Noriko: I always loved Getter Robo, and getting to pilot it to defeat evil was a dream come true! [Results]
Kazumi: Hey, look at you, Noriko! You're really pulling your weight! [Results]
Noriko: I couldn't have done it without great teachers! [Results]
Kazumi: Put all systems to full power! [Activating X-Factor]
Noriko: Oh no... [Defeated by a light attack]
Both: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! [Defeated by a heavy attack]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
Death Battle Quotes: Cryosphere
Freeze! Right there! [Entrance]
Get ready to get blasted! [Entrance]
You'll never get your grip around me! [Entrance]
Heeheehee! That was fun! [Win]
Hmph! You cracked my helmet a bit! [Win]
So that's all? I WON! YAY! [Win]
I may be small, but at least I have strength to spare! [Results]
I'm pretty great, aren't I? [Results]
I'm not just cute! I'm deadly, you hear me?! [Results]
I'LL SORT YOU OUT! [Activating X-Factor]
I'll put you on ice! [When switched in]
I'm taking you out! [Tag in after one ally is defeated]
Cryo's here! [Tag in after both allies are defeated]
Come ooooon! [Calling Assist]
That'll hold 'em! [After performing Assist]
No...I can't get frozen up like this... [Defeated by a light attack]
EEEEEEEEEEEK! [Defeated by a heavy attack]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 0 0
Death Battle Quotes: Lance McCain
NOTE: Lance pilots the Blue Lion and is a giant character
Oh, you are gonna learn to hate me when I'm through with ya! [Entrance]
I'm bringin' you down! [Entrance]
You're about to find that I'm preeeetty persistent. [Entrance]
So? Am I a great pilot or what? [Win]
Reckless, schmeckless. [Win]
Phew...That was a pretty rough time. [Win]
I'm the real deal! Get it? [Results]
As long as I'm around, Voltron Force won't lose! [Results]
Man, didn't think I hit ya that hard! [Results]
Oh...crap... [Defeated by a light attack]
Oh boy! I gotta eject! [Defeated by a heavy attack]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 2 0
Death Battle Quotes: Shusui Hayasaka
Shusui: Let's get this fight started. [Entrance]
Ouka: Be careful, brother...This may be difficult. [Entrance]
Shusui: You won't win. I won't allow it. [Entrance]
Ouka: Please forgive my brother. [Win]
Shusui: Sorry. I guess I took it too far. [Win]
Ouka: You did well. We're both impressed. [Win]
Shusui: Ouka...The fight is over. Let's move on. [Results]
Ouka: I'm sorry you got so hurt...Will you be okay? [Results]
Shusui: It's time to keep moving on to the next fight. [Results]
Ouka: Shusui, calm down! [Activating X-Factor]
Shusui: You got it! [When switched in]
Ouka: Oh dear! [Tag in after one ally is defeated]
Shusui: YOU'LL PAY! [Tag in after both allies are defeated]
Ouka: Oh my...Thank you! [Calling Assist]
Shusui: Be careful! [After performing Assist]
Ouka: Oh, Shusui... [Defeated by a light attack]
Shusui: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! [Defeated by a heavy attack]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
Death Battle Quotes: Dexter Morgan
I suppose I should be threatened. But I'm not. [Entrance]
Yes. I wanna play. I really, really do. [Entrance]
What's wrong? Getting the creeps? [Entrance]
I don't think you know who I am yet. [Win]
I wonder what weapon I should use to kill you. [Win]
Ah... Blood... [Win]
Sometimes blood sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps control the chaos. [Results]
I was raised in a perfect environment, as I'm sure you can see. [Results]
Henry and Dorris Morgan are dead. But I didn't kill them. Honest. [Results]
Sorry. Have to. [Activating X-Factor]
That's my cue. [When switched in]
No blood? [Tag in after one ally is defeated]
What a mess. [Tag in after both allies are defeated]
Why hadn't I thought of that? [Calling Assist]
No more. [After performing Assist]
Heh...That's it then... [Defeated by a light attack]
HAHAHAHAHA! [Defeated by a heavy attack]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 0 1
Death Battle Quotes: Getter Robo
NOTE: Getter Robo is a giant character
Ryoma: Let's show them what Getter Robo is made of! [Entrance]
Hayato: This'll be a bit tough...But we can do it! [Entrance]
Musashi: You can't stop us, even with all your power! [Entrance]
Ryoma: Tch...Too easy. [Win]
Hayato: We pulled it off. [Win]
Musashi: In the end, you weren't strong enough. [Win]
Ryoma: Try again when you can actually fight. [Results]
Hayato: Let's keep going, guys. See what other fights there are... [Results]
Musashi: You're not strong enough to beat Getter Robo. [Results]
Ryoma: ALL RIGHT! [Activating X-Factor]
Hayato: Uh-oh... [Defeated by a light attack]
All: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH! [Defeated by a heavy attack]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0


Ashelin's Sandy Situation by moguera2013 Ashelin's Sandy Situation :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 5 2 Master of Disaster by moguera2013 Master of Disaster :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 10 2 Spell Trial Failed by moguera2013 Spell Trial Failed :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 7 2 Memories of Humiliation by moguera2013
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Memories of Humiliation :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 10 3
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Titans NO! :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 10 5
Rogue gets dunked by moguera2013 Rogue gets dunked :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 9 3 Rikku gets beached by moguera2013
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Rikku gets beached :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 9 6
Early Christmas Gift by moguera2013 Early Christmas Gift :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 16 3 Ms. Fortune's Unfortunate Predicament by moguera2013
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Ms. Fortune's Unfortunate Predicament :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 7 3
Maleficent's End by moguera2013
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Maleficent's End :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 4 3
Victory for Jak and Daxter by moguera2013 Victory for Jak and Daxter :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 9 2 Lady Snow Job by moguera2013 Lady Snow Job :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 8 2 Kuma-2, Asuka-0 by moguera2013 Kuma-2, Asuka-0 :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 9 2 Mission Failed by moguera2013 Mission Failed :iconmoguera2013:moguera2013 5 2


What can I say except you're welcome? For creating some Maui matchups!

-Hercules [Disney's Hercules] Natch.

-Shantae [Shantae] Half-human guardians. ...Please don't kill Shantae...

-Kratos [God of War] Powerful demigods with tragic pasts. Also it'd be funny 'cause Kratos is a total rageaholic and Maui's a total smartass.

-Dante [Devil May Cry] Similar to Shantae. Half-human badasses, though one is a do-gooder that wants love from humans, while Dante is out for himself.

-Beast Boy [Teen Titans] Animal shape-shifters.

-Ben Tennyson [Ben 10] Similar to Beast Boy, though perhaps more fair, since Maui DID pull the sun and all...

-Akuma [Street Fighter] I don't even know

-Wonder Woman [DC Comics] Demi-gods who help humanity, one simply out of the goodness of her heart, the other because he desperately wants praise.

-Asura [Asura's Wrath] Powerful-ass demigods! ...I got nothing.

-Gargos [Killer Instinct] I dunno, just feel like it works for some reason.

-Vegeta [Dragon Ball] Arrogant men who ultimately do the right thing for humanity.

-Princess Celestia [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic] Guardian deities who love their charges and do what they can to satisfy them. Plus they both do shit with the sun

-Ganondorf [Legend of Zelda] Why do I have so many suggestions that I can't actually explain?

-Raiden [Mortal Kombat] 'Cuz gods and shit

-Spider-Man [Marvel Comics] Cocky, showoffy heroes that love to help others, but managed to gain a bad reputation over the years

-He-Man [He-Man] I have no explanation.

-Shao Kahn [Mortal Kombat] No explanation. I just feel like it works...

-Gamera [Gamera] Unorthodox defenders of humanity. Plus Maui DOES have a knack of fighting giant monsters...

-Deadpool [Marvel] I don't know why I made that connection please help me

-Naruto Uzumaki [Naruto] I feel a strong connection between these two, but can't quite put my finger on it

Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country): Two cocky muscle bound brutes who achived the impossible.

Tapu Koko (Pokémon): Two godly guaridans that hale from the South Pacific.

Cthulhu (Cthulhu Saves The World): Two godly beings who were stripped from their powers and went on a long quest to get it back.

Genie (Aladdin): Two very fun Disney characters who are as well known as the protagonist of the film, despite not appearing until well into said movie.

The Scotsman (Samurai Jack): To arrogant jerks with a softer side, even if Maui's is an act.

Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians): Two demigods of the sea would seem like a fun match.

Groudon (Pokémon): It would be just like fighting Te Ka all over again.

Gaia (God of War): Imagine Te Fiti turning evil and Maui being forced to try and stop her.


Austin Randall
Hey. I'm a 15 year old with impossible dreams: I want to be a video game programmer. I can't see it happening, but if it did... My life would be complete...


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