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UASBR: Panty Anarchy
Panty Anarchy
Voiced by Jamie Marchi
Character Bio
Panty, alongside her sister Stocking, was cast out of heaven due to her crude behaviour, not allowed back until she completes her job as a ghost hunter. She is obsessed with the opposite sex, and will do anything to bed a man.
Standard Appearance
Angel Outfit
Scanty Palette
Who's ready for an ass-kicking? [When selected]
Don't blink! [When selected]
How about a nice serving of gun-to-head? [When selected]
You're mine now! [Picking up an item]
Oh boy, a brand new toy! [Picking up an item]
Why won't you just die?! [Picking up an item]
Little bit of focus and this'll be just fine! [Picking up an item]
I'm takin' you out! [Picking up an item]
Kicked your ASS! [After performing a successful Super]
Blinked at the wrong time, baby! [After performing a successful Super]
How'd that bullet taste? [After performing a successful Super]
That settles that! [After performing a successful Super]
Too bad,
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 3 0
UASBR: Jean Grey
Jean Grey
Voiced by Jennifer Hale
Character Bio
The younger daughter of history professor John Grey and his wife Elaine, Jean Grey was 10 years old when her mutant telepathic powers first manifested after experiencing the emotions of a dying friend. Her parents took her to be treated by Professor Charles Xavier. While Xavier treated Jean he also used her to fine tune his Cerebro machine. When Xavier introduced young Jean to the astral plane a part of her mind manifested as a Phoenix raptor and touched the mind of Scott Summers in the orphanage. Later, Xavier erected psychic shields in Jean’s mind to prevent her from using her telepathic powers until she was mature enough to control them. Eventually, using her telekinetic powers, Jean was a founding member of Xavier’s team of mutant trainees the X-Men as Marvel Girl. Upon a mission in outer space Jean was noticed by the Phoenix Force which took note of her unlimited potential. At this moment Jean ha
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 4 0
UASBR: Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang
Voiced by Travis Willingham
Character Bio
Roy Mustang is a State Alchemist and officer in the Amestrian State Military. A hero of the Ishval Civil War and Edward Elric's superior officer, Colonel Mustang is a remarkably capable commander who plans to become the next Führer of Amestris.
Standard Appearance
Ishval Outfit
Civilian Clothes
Epilogue Appearance
Leave now if you know what's good for you. [When selected]
Heh. Don't make me laugh. [When selected]
Prepare yourself! [When selected]
Hmph. [Picking up an item]
Damn, I have no choice but to use this... [Picking up an item]
What the heck does this do? [Picking up an item]
You won't get away, bastard. [Picking up an item]
When I said I needed assistance, this isn't quite what I had in mind. [Picking up an item]
Should have left while you still could! [After performing a successful Super]
Laughable. [After performing a successful Super]
Should have been ready. [After performing a suc
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
UASBR: Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson
Voiced by Jacob Hopkins
Character Bio
Gumball is an twelve-year-old anthropomorphic blue cat who attends middle school at Elmore Junior High. A mischief maker and somewhat lazy, the show revolves around his various mishaps around Elmore. Tends to have questionable morals at times and can be a little selfish as well.
Standard Appearance
Karate Outfit
Wedding Dress
This... can't be good. [When selected]
Hang on! I'm a coward, not a fighter! [When selected]
Oh, man. Oh, man... [When selected]
HA! I have THIS now! [Picking up an item]
Darn it, where was this five seconds ago?! [Picking up an item]
What the heck does this do? [Picking up an item]
Great! I'm saved! [Picking up an item]
I'll see you never! [Picking up an item]
Hey, that was awesome! [After performing a successful Super]
Can we all stop fighting now?! [After performing a successful Super]
Man that was close... [After performing a successful Super]
I actually w
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 3 0
UASBR: Kenshiro
Voiced by Kaiji Tang
Character Bio
Kenshiro was originally an orphan from Taiseiden, Shura and a descendent of the Hokuto Sōke bloodline. He was sent to the mainland by Jukei as a baby to be adopted by Ryuken, master of Hokuto Shinken. Ryuken named him after his older brother Kenshirō Kasumi, since they shared the same Big Dipper-shaped birthmark on their heads. Kenshiro watched his adoptive brothers train in the art of Hokuto Shinken and decided to join them in the fight to become Ryuken's successor. Despite being younger and more naive than his older brothers, Kenshiro was a promising student who ultimately earned the title of successor. After the nuclear war and the death of Ryuken, Kenshiro left with his fiancée, Yuria, to find a future for themselves in the post-apocalyptic world. However, this was curtailed by Shin, a rival from the Nanto Koshū Ken school, who defeated Kenshiro and engraved the trademark seven scars on
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 3 0
UASBR: Azula
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
Character Bio
The sadistic princess of the fire nation, Azula was a key enemy standing in the way of Team Avatar's quest. A firebending prodigy since a young age, Azula is ruthless, sadistic and cunning, and very loyal to her father.
Standard Appearance
Coronation Outfit
Beach Outfit
Mental Facility Robes
You're mine... [When selected]
My my... [When selected]
Is this it? [When selected]
Okay...Let's see what THIS does. [Picking up an item]
What do I do with this? [Picking up an item]
Weak fool. This'll get rid of you. [Picking up an item]
You won't escape! [Picking up an item]
Very good. [Picking up an item]
You're as good as dead! [After performing a successful Super]
Is that all? [After performing a successful Super]
You couldn't do any better? [After performing a successful Super]
Hmph. [After performing a successful Super]
Not sorry. [After performing a successful Super]
How...fiery. [After respawning]
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 2 0
UASBR: Lemongrab
Voiced by Justin Roiland
Character Bio
Lemongrab is the high-strung, overly-zealous, obnoxious, stubborn ruler of the Earldom of Lemongrab. He is the creation of Princess Bubblegum and the first of her experiments to go wrong. One day, when Lemongrab began acting out of loneliness, Bubblegum created a second Lemongrab to keep him company, and the two of them then created many lemon children. However, the original Lemongrab grew to become an overweight tyrant that abused his twin and children, and in order to stop him, he had to be merged with his twin to find inner peace.
Standard Appearance
Lemongrab 2
Dehydrated Lemongrab
Fat Lemongrab
You...dare...challenge me?! [When selected]
Unacceptable!! [When selected]
Ngh! Leave me be! [When selected]
Fine! I will use this useless thing! [Picking up an item]
What is this?! I'M CONFUUUUUUSED! [Picking up an item]
Say bye, peasan
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 4 1
UASBR: Dig Dug
Dig Dug
No voice actor
Character Bio
Taizo Hori was once a normal excavator, until he one day discovered monsters lurking underground. Taizo managed to fight off the monsters, becoming a hero in the process, and now travels the world, enjoying his newfound fame and glory, even finding a wife and having children.
Digging Strike Appearance
Classic Dig Dug
Mr. Driller
No Helmet
-Dig Dug digs out from underground and smiles, taking out his pump.
-Dig Dug kills a Pooka and points at the camera.
-Dig Dug is shown using a jackhammer on the ground before noticing the camera and smirking.
-Dig Dug charges forward and skids to a stop, pointing his jackhammer forward.
-Dig Dug nods.
-Dig Dug sits down.
-Dig Dug shrugs.
-Dig Dug holds his pump at his side and smirks.
-Dig Dug smiles and nods.
-Dig Dug salutes.
-Dig Dug pushes down on his pump, causing an explosion behind him.
Losing Outros
-Dig Dug drops his pump and vanishes.
-Dig Dug looks down sadly.
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 5 0
UASBR: Krystal
Voiced by Alesia Glidewell
Character Bio
Krystal is a native of Cerinia, a far off planet where dinosaurs roam free. Cerinia was reported to be completely destroyed in an unknown disaster in which Krystal was the only known survivor. Krystal, seeking answers concerning her home planet's destruction, journeyed to the Lylat System, where she came to Dinosaur Planet (later known as "Sauria") after receiving a distress call during her search. Upon arriving at Dinosaur Planet, the source of the signal, Krystal immediately learned of the troubles of the planet's natives, and their peril at the hands of General Scales and his SharpClaw army. General Scales had attacked the Krazoa Palace and caused the six Krazoa Spirits to flee from their sanctuary. The Krazoa Spirits scattered all over the planet, and began to die. At the same time, the planet itself began to break apart, poised to explode. In an effort to turn the tide of war and undo the damage Scales wrought, t
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 3 0
UASBR: Zoo Lou
Zoo Lou
Voiced by Gideon Emery
Character Bio
A bear shaman with a warrior's heart, Zoo Lou spent many years studying the wisdom of the Seven Strange Mages, gaining the ability to summon mystical animals to his side. When his studies were complete, he returned home, only to find it had been invaded by trolls. Zoo Lou flew into a rage, put his newly-acquired skills into action, and the entire troll army had to grin and 'bear' the beating of their lives.[2] Double Trouble witnessed Zoo Lou's heroic deed and brought the shaman to Master Eon, who proceeded to make Zoo Lou a Skylander.
Standard Appearance
Armored Zoo Lou
Dark Zoo Lou
Legendary Zoo Lou
Heed the call of nature! [When selected]
Have you the strength to face me? [When selected]
You will see I am ahead of the pack! [When selected]
Supernatural! [Picking up an item]
Feeling the power! [Picking up an item]
A big offering. [Picking up an item]
Precious weapons. [Picking up an item]
Nature will prevail
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
Voiced by Melissa Fahn (Tia)/Kate Higgins (Megumi)
Character Bio
In the Mamodo World, Tia was a bully to Zatch and the weaker Mamodo. However, when she was chosen for the Mamodo Games, she was partnered with Megumi, a popular idol, and after being saved by Zatch, she grew to respect him. Using her shield spells, Tia proves a valuable asset to Zatch and crew.
Standard Appearance
Zatch Palette
Kanchome Palette
Ponygon Palette
Tia: All right! I'm ready to go! [When selected]
Megumi: Guess it's time to get this show on the road. [When selected]
Tia: Megumi! We can do it, right? [When selected]
Megumi: Tia, use that! [Picking up an item]
Tia: Mine! Back off! [Picking up an item]
Megumi: What have you got, Tia? [Picking up an item]
Tia: Come on! I'll take ya! [Picking up an item]
Megumi: Okay, now make sure you don't waste it! [Picking up an item]
Tia: TAKE THAT! [After performing a successful Super]
Megumi: That's it! [After performing a
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
UASBR: Haru Glory
Killer B
Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
Character Bio
Haru Glory lived a peaceful life with his sister on Garage Island, until one day when he fished up a strange little creature known as Plue from the ocean. This leads to a series of events that convinces him to set out on a journey to fulfill his destiny of the Rave Master.
Standard Appearance
Original Outfit
Demon Card Disguise
Shiba Palette
Let's get this started! [When selected]
I won't hold back! [When selected]
Let's do it! [When selected]
Alright, I'll use this then! [Picking up an item]
No way I'm letting you get away! [Picking up an item]
Why'd this show up? [Picking up an item]
Glad I got a little help here. [Picking up an item]
Thank goodness for this. [Picking up an item]
It's done! [After performing a successful Super]
I'll never hold back! [After performing a successful Super]
I did it! [After performing a successful Super]
Too easy! [After performing a successful Super]
Looks like I win!
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
UASBR: Killer B
Killer B
Voiced by Catero Colbert (B)/Travis Willingham (Gyuki)
Character Bio
At a young age, B along with several other children were gathered by the Third Raikage and Dodai in order to select a tag partner for A. Out of all the children gathered, B was the only person able to successfully perform the Lightning Release: Double Lariat with A. As such he was given the name "B", and A stated they would be brothers from that day on. Since the age of five, B has been best friends with Motoi, whom he always greeted with a fist bump. After A's cousin, the jinchūriki of Gyūki lost control and killed Motoi's father along with seven other ninja on that day, B was chosen as its next jinchūriki. Soon afterwards, B suffered from similar prejudices against jinchūriki, not too different from that the villagers of Konohagakure and Sunagakure had against Naruto Uzumaki and Gaara respectively. However, he kept smiling and pushed himself to be the best jinc
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 3 0
UASBR: Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura
Voiced by Richard Cansino
Character Bio
Kenshin Himura was born into a kind family. But at the age of seven, he lost both of his parents to illness and was sold into slavery. Three other slaves became his surrogate mothers, until bandits killed all of the peasants in the slave trader's caravan sans Kenshin. Kenshin set out to live his life, but harsh circumstances forced him to kill people, with great skill and finense. Kenshin became feared throughout the world as the man slayer. But this was not what he wanted. And so, when the wars ended, he set out to redeem himself for all the crimes he had committed, vowing never again to take another life.
Standard Appearance
White Clothes
Blue Clothes
Green Clothes
You seem like formidable opponents, that you do.[When selected]
This one seems interesting...[When selected]
Prepare yourself! [When selected]
All right then. [Picking up an item]
Oh. How useful. [Picking up an item]
You don't have
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 1 0
UASBR: Majin Buu
Majin Buu
Voiced by Josh Martin
Character Bio
Majin Buu was a monster awakened by the evil magician, Bibidi. Bibidi used Buu as a weapon to destroy entire solar systems. However, Buu one day absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai, making him into a more docile and innocent creature that was manipulated into performing terrible acts by Bibidi. Buu would later be sealed again, and be sent to Earth, where Bibidi's clone, Babidi would go on to reawaken him. After fighting with the Z-Fighters, Buu's many forms were destroyed one by one, leaving only his good form living as a powerful ally.
Standard Appearance
Babidi Palette
Evil Buu Palette
Grand Supreme Ka
Hellooo~! [When selected]
Hoohoo! Me gonna eat you up! [When selected]
Buu gonna make you dead! [When selected]
Yay! [Picking up an item]
BOO-HOOHOOHOOHOOHOOOO! [Picking up an item]
Waha! Yay! [Picking up an item]
Buu needs this! [Picking up an item]
Ahahaha! [Picking up an item]
Bye-bye! [After performin
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 5 1
UASBR: Trafalgar Law
Trafalgar Law
Voiced by Matthew Mercer
Character Bio
Law was born in the country of Flevance in the North Blue, which was known as the "White City" for the color of the Amber Lead that was mined there. He lived there with his parents, who were doctors and were likewise training him, and his younger sister. Law's childhood coincided with the time when the symptoms of Amber Lead poisoning were at their peak within the country, and he was doomed to die before reaching adulthood. The kingdom was at war with neighboring countries who mistakenly believed that the disease was contagious. The World Government and the royal family knew about the sickness beforehand but did not disclose this information to the public, even when the symptoms were becoming more noticeable. His parents were doing all they could to help the people but couldn't do much without proper supplies. What's more, Law's sister, who was in an advanced stage of the disease, was slowly dying. A local nun was co
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 5 0


Lillie and Nebby :iconjuacoproductionsarts:JuacoProductionsArts 186 133
Crossover Platforming Game Characters 1
All characters share the following move:
Ground Pound. Each character can use this move to attack enemies from above and hit switches with their faces on them.
1. Brook
From: One Piece
Special Ability 1: Aubade Coup Droit. Brook thrusts his sword forward, sending a compressed bullet of air, a projectile, that can be used to hit switches or far away enemies.
Special Ability 2: Running On Water. When Brook is near a body of water, he can run across it, allowing him to reach other places and enemies he that he couldn't normally reach. You cannot stop running though, as Brook cannot swim, so he'll drown and another character will have to rescue him.
Special Ability 3: Soul Search. Brook separates his soul from his body, allowing him to search through the whole stage, making it easier to find items, and see what enemies, traps and puzzles are up ahead . Nothing can stop his soul when he's like this, due to him scaring enemies away, but his body is vulnerable to attack, and you can't do anyt
:iconstrawhatpiratecabin:strawhatpiratecabin 3 17
Crossover Platformer
Ability 1: Heavy Lift- Ed can lift heavy objects and move them.
Ability 2: Zappity Zap-Zap- Ed channels lightning through pads with his face on them before unleashing the sparks. This ability can be used to activate electric switches.
Ability 3: Inflat-Ed- Ed inflates like a balloon before flying off, allowing him to reach otherwise unreachable heights.
Hidden Ability: Stench-Ed can pass through toxic gases unharmed.
Blake Belladonna
Ability 1: Gambol Shroud- Blake gets out Gambol Shroud and uses it like a grappling hook to reach new areas when standing on pads with her face on them.
Ability 2: Stealth Crawl- Blake crouches and crawls. This can be used to navigate through small gaps.
Ability 3: Clone Frenzy- Blake creates two clones. The clones can be used to distract certain enemies or disable traps whilst leaving Blake herself unharmed.
Hidden Ability: Night Vision- In dark areas, the area lights up considerably, uncovering otherwise hidden enemies and collectibles.
Ratchet & Clan
:iconkirby65422:kirby65422 9 7
My Anime Harem :icondarkmagicianmon:DarkMagicianmon 26 22 Janice - PKMNation :iconanntheazelf101:anntheazelf101 3 0 Why, Papa? :iconcartuneslover16:Cartuneslover16 109 144 LPS - Blythe's Littlest Adventure -preview 4- :iconrmsaun98722:rmsaun98722 79 24


[Not including Goomba vs Koopa, Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black, Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro or Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie because those didn't have actual verdicts]

Battles I agree with:

Boba Fett vs Samus Aran
Akuma vs Shang Tsung
Haggar vs Zangief
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale
Leonardo vs Zitz
Yoshi vs Riptor
Felicia vs Taokaka
Kratos vs Spawn
Vegeta vs Shadow
Mario vs Sonic
Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter
Eggman vs Wily
Peach vs Zelda 
Thor vs Raiden
Batman vs Spider-Man
He-Man vs Lion-O
Shao Kahn vs M. Bison
Fox vs Bucky
Terminator vs Robocop
Pokemon Battle Royale
Fulgore vs Sektor
Godzilla vs Gamera
White Tigerzord vs Gundam Epyon
Kirby vs Majin Buu
Ragna vs Sol Badguy
Guts vs Nightmare
Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher
Doctor Doom vs Darth Vader
Donkey Kong vs Knuckles
Hercule Satan vs Dan Hibiki
Pokemon vs Digimon
Ratchet and Clank vs Jak and Daxter
Flash vs Quicksilver
Ken vs Terry
Amy vs Ramona
Hulk vs Doomsday
Zoro vs Erza
Lara vs Nathan
Venom vs Bane
Megazord vs Voltron

Battles where I understand both sides of the argument and can't come to a decisive victor for myself:

Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui
Master Chief vs Doomguy
Goku vs Superman [Now that Dragon Ball Super has buffed Goku, anyway]
Strider Hiryu vs Ryu Hayabusa
Luigi vs Tails
Batman vs Captain America
Deadpool vs Deathstroke
Iron Man vs Lex Luthor
Beast vs Goliath
Wolverine vs Raiden
Mega Man vs Astro Boy
Green Arrow vs Hawkeye [Honestly, this one is so close it's borderline impossible to get it wrong.]
Joker vs Sweet Tooth
The Meta vs Agent Carolina
Tracer vs Scout
Scrooge McDuck vs Shovel Knight


Rogue vs Wonder Woman
Bomberman vs Dig Dug
Starscream vs Rainbow Dash
Link vs Cloud
Pikachu vs Blanka
Ivy vs Orchid
Ryu vs Scorpion
Gaara vs Toph
Yang vs Tifa
Dante vs Bayonetta
Bowser vs Ganon
Cammy vs Sonya


Austin Randall
Hey. I'm a 15 year old with impossible dreams: I want to be a video game programmer. I can't see it happening, but if it did... My life would be complete...


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A long time ago, a filipino teen went into DAILY CITY.
after getting beaten up by the locals, the teen called out for help.
PHIL, Dickman's nephew, heard the teen's call.
He brought the teen back to the apartment.
Over time, PHIL and the teen became like cousins.
The Dickman treated the filipino as their own.
DAILY CITY was full of hope.
Then... One day...
The teen became very ill.
The sick teen had only one request.
To see the grapes from their dealer.
But there was nothing we could do.
The next day.
The next day.
The teen died.
PHIL, wracked with grief, smoked the teen's REEFER.
He transformed into a stoner with incredible weed.
With the teen's REEFER, PHIL crossed through the city's boundaries.
He carried the teen's body into the sunset.
Back to the city full of dealers.
PHIL reached the center of the city.
There, he found a bed of lucious grapes.
He carried the teen onto it.
Suddenly, screams rang out.
The citizens saw PHIL holding the teen's body.
They thought that he had killed the teen.
The citizens attacked him with everything they had.
He was struck with blow after blow.
PHIL had the power to destroy them all.
PHIL did not fight back.
Clutching the teen...
PHIL smiled, and walked away.
Wounded, PHIL stumbled home.
He entered the apartment and collapsed.
His blood spread across the floor.
The City fell into despair.
The Dickman had lost two nephews in one night.
The citizens had once again taken everything from us.
The Dickman decided it was time to end our suffering.
Every citizen who visits the city must die.
With enough grapes, we can shatter the boundaries forever.
It's not long now.
TITO DICKMAN will let us go down on his nuts.
TITO DICKMAN will give us hope.
TITO DICKMAN will save us all.
You should be nutting, too.
Demarlion Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
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