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You know, I love Screwattack.Com's Death Battle. Who doesn't? It's funny, it's informative, and it is just downright EPIC. And I also love fellow deviantart user DimensionDino's take on Death Battle. It's just as informative and downright epic, with a very lengthy and fun to read battle every fight. [Seriously, look him up in the search bar up there. He's awesome.] And you know what else I love? Marvel vs Capcom 3. With its fast paced gameplay, crazy combos and flashy special moves, it is currently my all time favorite fighting game. And so, I have decided to make ideas [and only ideas] for a video game in the style of Marvel vs Capcom 3... Since me and YellowFlash1234 agreed to share the same roster, it's really become much more of a mega crossover with tons of characters that haven't been in a written or canon battle. I'm making a quick edit here to make the ordering of the roster closer fit in with Flash's. Without further ado, here is the roster in its entirety.

Maka Albarn [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Crona [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Maxey Whitehead]
Naruto Uzumaki [Naruto] [Voiced by Maile Flannagan]
Shang Tsung [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Andrew Kishino]
Yoruichi Shihoin [Bleach] [Voiced by Wendee Lee]
Mario [Mario] [Voiced by Charles Martinet]
Sonic the Hedgehog [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Jason Griffith]
Son Goku [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Sean Schemmel]
Black Star [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Brittney Karbowski]
Mewtwo [Pokemon] [Voiced by Dan Green]
Blair the Cat [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Leah Clark]
Pit [Kid Icarus] [Voiced by Anthony Del Rio]
Monkey D. Luffy [One Piece] [Voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard]
Samus Aran [Metroid] [Voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Gray Fullbuster [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Newton Pittman]
Pikachu [Pokemon] [Voiced by Ikue Otani]
Scorpion [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Kirby [Kirby] [Voiced by Makiko Omoto]
Mega Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Cole Howard]
Fox McCloud [Star Fox] [Voiced by Jim Walker]
Sasuke Uchiha [Naruto] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Edward Elric [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Vic Mignogna]
Kakashi Hatake [Naruto] [Voiced by Dave Wittenberg]
Ling Yao [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Shinji Hirako [Bleach] [Voiced by Roger Craig Smith]
Death the Kid [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Uryu Ishida [Bleach] [Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince]
Lucy Heartfilia [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Cherami Leigh]
Sora [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Haley Joel Osment]
Weiss Schnee [RWBY] [Voiced by Kara Eberle]
Hiei [Yu Yu Hakusho] [Voiced by Chuck Huber]
Zatch Bell [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by Debi Derryberry]
Kurama [Yu Yu Hakusho] [Voiced by John Burgemeier]
Itachi [Naruto] [Voiced by Crispin Freeman]
Ichigo Kurosaki [Bleach] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Alucard [Hellsing] [Voiced by Crispin Freeman]
Link [The Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Tsunade [Naruto] [Voiced by Debi Mae West]
Luigi [Super Mario] [Voiced by Charles Martinet]
Vash the Stampede [Trigun] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Spike Spiegel [Cowboy Bebop] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Waddle Dee [Kirby] [No voice actor]
Deadpool [Marvel] [Voiced by Nolan North]
Minato Namikaze [Naruto] [Voiced by Tony Oliver]
Obito Uchiha [Naruto] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Yusuke [Yu Yu Hakusho] [Voiced by Justin Cook]
Ness [Mother] [Voiced by Nancy Cartwright]
Stein [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Chuck Huber]
Eren Yeager [Attack on Titan] [Voiced by Bryce Papenbrook]
Scott Pilgrim [Scott Pilgrim] [Voiced by Michael Cera]
Might Guy [Naruto] [Voiced by Skip Stellrecht]
Medusa Gorgon [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Luci Christian]
Natsu Dragneel [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Bardock [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Sonny Strait]
Inuyasha [Inuyasha] [Voiced by Richard Ian Cox]
Kirito [Sword Art Online] [Voiced by Bryce Papenbrook]
Kuwabara [Yu Yu Hakusho] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Princess Zelda [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Kim Mai Guest]
Future Trunks [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Eric Vale]
Kishin Asura [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Chris Patton]
Vegeta [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Princess Peach [Super Mario] [Voiced by Samantha Kelly]
Alphonse Elric [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Maxey Whitebeard]
Tails [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Kate Higgins]
Chrom [Fire Emblem] [Voiced by Matthew Mercer]
Sektor [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Andrew Kishino]
King Bradley [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Ed Blaylock]
Liu Kang [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Tom Choi]
Akuma [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Dave Mallow]
Shao Kahn [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Bob Carter]
Ryu [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Kyle Hebert]
M. Bison [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Gerald C. Rivers]
Little Mac [Punch-Out!!] [Mac's SFX by Matt Harty, Doc Louis voiced by Riley Inge]
Donkey Kong [Donkey Kong Country] [Voiced by Takashi Nagasako]
Wrath [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Luci Christian]
Harry Potter [Harry Potter] [Voiced by Adam Sopp]
Avatar Aang [Avatar] [Voiced by...some child actor, I don't know.]
Sub-Zero [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Jim Miller]
Amon [Avatar] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
King Dedede [Kirby] [Voiced by Masahiro Sakurai]
Nightwolf [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Larry Omaha]
Pac-Man [Pac-Man] [No voice actor]
Shadow the Hedgehog [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Jason Griffith]
Greed [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Chris Patton]
Gaara of the Desert [Naruto] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Fulgore [Killer Instinct] [No voice actor]
Robocop [Robocop] [No voice actor]
Sir Crocodile [One Piece] [Voiced by John Swasey]
Blanka [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Taliesin James]
Bowser [Super Mario] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Ganondorf [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Gerald C. Rivers]
Spider Man [Marvel] [Voiced by Josh Keaton]
Reptile [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Marz Timms]
Danny Phantom [Danny Phantom] [Voiced by David Kaufman]
Ermac [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Michael McConnohie]
Travis Touchdown [No More Heroes] [Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes]
Sakura Haruno [Naruto] [Voiced by Kate Higgins]
Black Zetsu [Naruto] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Batman [DC Comics] [Voiced by Kevin Conroy]
Kisame Hoshigaki [Naruto] [Voiced by Kirk Thorton]
Sosuke Aizen [Bleach] [Voiced by Kyle Hebert]
Jigglypuff [Pokemon] [Voiced by Rachael Lillis]
Kano [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Micheal McConnohie]
Viewtiful Joe [Viewtiful Joe] [Voiced by Darrel Guilbeau]
Lucario [Pokemon] [Voiced by Sean Schemmel]
Morrigan Aensland [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Siobhan Flynn]
Rin Okumura [Blue Excorcist] [Voiced by Bryce Papenbrook]
Chief Thunder [Killer Instinct] [Voiced by Ken Lobb]
Glacius [Killer Instinct] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Spinal [Killer Instinct] [Voiced by Chris Seavor]
Boba Fett [Star Wars] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Riku [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by David Gallagher]
Ryuko Matoi [Kill la Kill] [Voiced by Erica Mendez]
Superman [DC Comics] [Voiced by George Newburn]
Asura [Asura's Wrath] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Proto Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Jonathan Love]
Pulseman [Pulseman] [Voiced by Calum Worthy]
Orochimaru [Naruto] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Cyber-Smoke [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Ken Lally]
Raiden [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Richard Epcar]
Johnny Cage [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Jeff Pilson]
Zero [Mega Man] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Yoh Asakura [Shaman King] [Voiced by Sebastian Arcelus]
Ruby Rose [RWBY] [Voiced by Lindsay Jones]
Frieza [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Chris Ayres]
Rock Lee [Naruto] [Voiced by Brian Donovan]
Charizard [Pokemon] [Voiced by Shinichiro Miki]
Guts [Berserk] [Voiced by Marc Diraison]
Kratos [God of War] [Voiced by TJ Carson]
Luke Skywalker [Star Wars] [Voiced by Bob Bergen]
Yoshi [Super Mario] [Voiced by Kazumi Totaka]
Spawn [Spawn] [Voiced by Keith David]
Jago [Killer Instinct] [Voiced by Mike Willette]
Black Orchid [Killer Instinct] [Voiced by Kelly Hu]
Smoke [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Ken Lally]
Diddy Kong [Donkey Kong Country] [Voiced by Katsumi Suzuki]
Meta Knight [Kirby] [Voiced by Eric Newsome]
Knuckles [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Vincent Valentine [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Angry Video Game Nerd [The Internet] [Voiced by James Rolfe]
Hinata Hyuga [Naruto] [Voiced by Stephanie Sheh]
Wonder Woman [DC Comics] [Voiced by Susan Eisenberg]
Akainu [One Piece] [Voiced by Andrew Love]
Nostalgia Critic [The Internet] [Voiced by Doug Walker]
Cure Lovely [Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!] [Voiced by Haven Paschall]
Rogue [Marvel] [Voiced by Catherine Taber]
Lord Death [Soul Eater] [Voiced by John Swasey]
Sesshomaru [Inuyasha] [Voiced by David Kaye]
Rukia Kuchiki [Bleach] [Voiced by Michelle Ruff]
Unikitty [Lego] [Voiced by Allison Brie]
Finn the Human [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Jeremy Shada]
Gengar [Pokemon] [Voiced by James Carter Cathcart]
Toad [Super Mario] [Voiced by Samantha Kelly]
Doflamingo [One Piece] [Voiced by Robert McCollum]
King K. Rool [Donkey Kong] [Voiced by Kenneth W. James]
Ghost Rider [Marvel] [Voiced by Richard Grieco]
Mike Haggar [Final Fight] [Voiced by Matt Reidy]
Sasori [Naruto] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Android 17 [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Chuck Huber]
Blossom [Powerpuff Girls] [Voiced by Cathy Cavadini]
Jake the Dog [Adventure Time] [Voiced by John DiMaggio]
Zephyr [One Piece] [Voiced by Jeremy Schwartz]
Alakazam [Pokemon] [Voiced by Eric Stuart]
Emmet Brickowski [Lego] [Voiced by Chris Prat]
Zangief [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Peter Beckman]
Roronoa Zoro [One Piece] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Ignitor [Skylanders] [Voiced by Dwight Schultz]
Rattleballs [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Rainn Wilson]
Ike [Fire Emblem] [Voiced by Jason Adkins]
Killer Croc [DC Comics] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Asuna [Sword Art Online] [Voiced by Cherami Leigh]
Samurai Jack [Samurai Jack] [Voiced by Phil LaMarr]
Patrick Star [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Bill Fagerbakke]
Erza Scarlet [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard]
Renji Abarai [Bleach] [Voiced by Wally Wingert]
Yoshimitsu [Tekken] [Voiced by Mitch Urban]
Leonardo [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] [Voiced by Mike Sinterniklaas]
Nami [One Piece] [Voiced by Luci Christian]
Toon Link [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Storm [Marvel] [Voiced by Danielle Nicolet]
Mallow [Super Mario] [Voiced by Alexis Tipton]
Oceanus Shenron [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Darui [Naruto] [Voiced by Ogie Banks]
Whirlwind [Skylanders] [Voiced by Salli Saffoti]
Squidward Tentacles [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Rodger Bumpass]
Giolla [One Piece] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Raphael [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] [Voiced by Frank Frankson]
Usopp [One Piece] [Voiced by Sonny Strait]
Vergo [One Piece] [Voiced by Chris Parnell]
Lizard [Marvel] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker [SFX]]
Xigbar [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by James Patrick Stuart]
Flameslinger [Skylanders] [Voiced by Keith Szarabajka]
Green Arrow [DC Comics] [Voiced by Alan Tudyk]
Kagome Higurashi [Voiced by Moneca Stori]
Portgas D. Ace [One Piece] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Kidomaru [Naruto] [Voiced by Peter Lurie]
Hawkeye [Marvel] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Satsuki Kiryuin [Kill La Kill] [Voiced by Carrie Keranen]
Shroomboom [Skylanders] [Voiced by Kevin Yurchak]
Michelangelo [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] [Voiced by Wayne Grayson]
Sanji [One Piece] [Voiced by Eric Vale]
Magnamon [Digimon] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Tifa Lockhart [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Rachael Leigh Cook]
Phantom [Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Blaziken [Pokemon] [Voiced by Bill Rogers]
Captain Falcon [F-Zero] [Voiced by David Wills]
Ken Masters [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Reuben Langdon]
Cloud Strife [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Steve Burton]
Kid Goku [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Stephanie Nadolny]
Waluigi [Super Mario] [Voiced by Charles Martinet]
Wario [Super Mario/WarioWare] [Voiced by Charles Martinet]
MC Ballyhoo [Mario Party] [Voiced by John DiMaggio]
Jill Valentine [Resident Evil] [Voiced by Michelle Ruff]
Captain Commando [Captain Commando] [Voiced by Patrick Warburton]
Hercule Satan [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Chris Rager]
Neo [The Matrix] [Voiced by Kenau Reeves]
Blake Belladonna [RWBY] [Voiced by Arryn Zech]
Tony Tony Chopper [One Piece] [Voiced by Brina Palencia]
Donatello [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] [Voiced by Sam Riegal]
Deathstroke [DC Comics] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Junker [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Lust [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Banjo & Kazooie [Banjo-Kazooie] [Voiced by Bill Farmer and Sarah Silverman]
Ponygon [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by Dave Wittenberg]
Ridley [Metroid] [No voice actor]
Falco Lombardi [Star Fox] [Voiced by Dex Manley]
Toph Beifong [Avatar] [Voiced by Jessie Flower]
Robin [Fire Emblem] [Voiced by David Vincent]
Marth [Fire Emblem] [Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa]
Dixie Kong [Donkey Kong Country] [Voiced by Kahoru Sasajima]
Mega Man X [Mega Man] [Voiced by Mark Gatha]
Baby Mario [Super Mario] [Voiced by Charles Martinet]
Shippo [Inuyasha] [Voiced by Jillian Michaels]
Prince Fluff [Kirby] [Voiced by Brina Palencia]
Cure Princess [Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!] [Voiced by Emily Bauer]
Riptor [Killer Instinct] [No voice actor]
Nico Robin [One Piece] [Voiced by Stephanie Young]
Goro [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Ken Lally]
Let Dahaka [Rave Master] [Voiced by Doug Stone]
Midna [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Madara Uchiha [Naruto] [Voiced by Neil Kaplan]
Tien Shinhan [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Bob Burgmeier]
Slenderman [Slender] [No voice actor]
Slam Bam [Skylanders] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
SpongeBob SquarePants [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Miss Martian [DC Comics] [Voiced by Danica McKellar]
Doctor Octopus [Marvel] [Voiced by Peter MacNicol]
Inspector Gadget [Inspector Gadget] [Voiced by Maurice LaMarche]
No Name [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Tom Kenny [SFX]]
Felicia [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by GK Bowes]
Arlong [One Piece] [Voiced by Chris Rager]
Cyrax [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Rhaasan Orange]
Hades [Disney Hercules] [Voiced by James Woods]
Franky [One Piece] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Leonidas [300] [Voiced by Gerard Butler]
Cable [Marvel] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Cyborg [DC Comics] [Voiced by Khary Payton]
Dante [Devil May Cry] [Voiced by Reuben Langdon]
Vilgax [Ben 10] [Voiced by James Remar]
Zitz [Battletoads] [Voiced by Jack Black]
Drobot [Skylanders] [Voiced by Alex Ness]
General Grievous [Star Wars] [Voiced by Matthew Russell Wood]
Dr. Gero [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Kent Williams]
Commander Shepard [Mass Effect] [Male voiced by Mark Meer, female voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Motoko Kusanagi [Ghost in the Shell] [Voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn]
Captain America [Marvel] [Voiced by Brian Bloom]
Taokaka [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Philece Sampler]
Brook [One Piece] [Voiced by Ian Sinclair]
Marowak [Pokemon] [Voiced by Laura Post]
Chop Chop [Skylanders] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Lobo [DC Comics] [Voiced by David Sobolov]
Grim [Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy] [Voiced by Greg Eagles]
Barragan Louisenbairn [Bleach] [Voiced by Steve Kramer]
Jack Skellington [The Nightmare Before Christmas] [Voiced by Chris Sarandon]
Dio Brando [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Andrew Chaikin]
Bomberman [Bomberman] [Voiced by Cristina Pucelli]
Popeye [Popeye] [Voiced by Billy West]
Terra [DC Comics] [Voiced by Ashley Johnson]
Jonathan Joestar [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Green Lantern [DC Comics] [Voiced by Adam Baldwin]
Jin Saotome [Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Mr. 3 [One Piece] [Voiced by Duncan Brannan]
Geno [Super Mario] [Voiced by Roger Craig Smith]
Cure Honey [Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!] [Voiced by Eileen Stevens]
Rufus [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Christopher Corey Smith]
Dark Samus [Metroid] [Voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Gambit [Marvel] [Voiced by Tony Daniels]
Joseph Joestar [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Richard Epcar]
Palutena [Kid Icarus] [Voiced by Ali Hills]
Trafalgar Law [One Piece] [Voiced by Will Friedle]
Majin Buu [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Josh Martin]
Kenshin Himura [Rurouni Kenshin] [Voiced by Richard Cansino]
Killer B [Naruto] [Voiced by Catero Colbert]
Haru Glory [Rave Master] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Tia [Zatch Bell] [Voiced by Melissa Fahn]
Zoo Lou [Skylanders] [Voiced by Gideon Emery]
Krystal [Star Fox] [Voiced by Alesia Glidewell]
Dig Dug [Dig Dug] [No voice actor]
Lemongrab [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Justin Roiland]
Azula [Avatar] [Voiced by Grey DeLisle]
Kenshiro [Fist of the North Star] [Voiced by Robert Kraft]
Gumball Watterson [The Amazing World of Gumball] [Voiced by Jacob Hopkins]
Roy Mustang [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Phoenix [Marvel] [Voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Panty Anarchy [Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt] [Voiced by Jamie Marchi]
Blaze the Cat [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Sailor Mars [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Cristina Vee]
Galacta Knight [Kirby] [Voiced by Dan Green]
Flame Princess [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Jessica DiCicco]
Lucas [Mother] [Voiced by Lani Minella]
Emperor Pilaf [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Chuck Huber]
Genie [Aladdin] [Voiced by Dan Castellanetta]
Nuova Shenron [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by John Burgmeier]
Axel [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Quinton Flynn]
Smolderdash [Skylanders] [Voiced by Grey DeLisle]
Captain Planet [Captain Planet and the Planeteers] [Voiced by David Coburn]
Bora [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Ian Sinclair]
Starjun [Toriko] [Voiced by Scott Freeman]
Bloom [Winx Club] [Voiced by Molly C. Quinn]
Buttercup [Powerpuff Girls] [Voiced by Elizabeth Daily]
Slippy Toad [Star Fox] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Chun-Li [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Elsa [Frozen] [Voiced by Idina Menzel]
Abomasnow [Pokemon] [Voiced by Bill Rogers]
Lyon Vastia [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Jerry Jewell]
X-23 [Marvel] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Iceman [Marvel] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Mr. Freeze [DC Comics] [Voiced by Maurice LaMarche]
Zeke [Zombies Ate My Neighbours] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Raiden [Metal Gear] [Voiced by Quinton Flynn]
Vexen [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince]
Bubbles [Powerpuff Girls] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Yu Narukami [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Jack Frost [Rise of the Guardians] [Voiced by Chris Pine]
Jotaro Kujo [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Matthew Mercer]
Ice King [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Aokiji [One Piece] [Voiced by Jason Douglas]
Chill [Skylanders] [Voiced by Julie Nathanson]
Starkiller [Star Wars: The Force Unleashed] [Voiced by Sam Witwer]
Mai Shiranui [SNK] [Voiced by Sheryl Street]
Kabuto Yakushi [Naruto] [Voiced by Henry Dittman]
Mega Man.EXE [Mega Man] [Voiced by Andrew Francis]
Duke Nukem [Duke Nukem] [Voiced by Jon St. John]
Princess Morbucks [Powerpuff Girls] [Voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Jak and Daxter [Jak and Daxter] [Voiced by Josh Keaton and Max Casella]
Serious Sam [Serious Sam] [Voiced by John J. Dick]
Paper Mario [Mario] [Voiced by Charles Martinet [SFX]]
Alex Mercer [PROTOTYPE] [Voiced by Barry Pepper]
Cole MacGrath [inFamous] [Voiced by Eric Laden]
Byrnndi World [One Piece] [Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson]
Bane [DC Comics] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Vampire Hunter D [Vampire Hunter D] [Voiced by Andy Philpot]
Genesect [Pokemon] [Voiced by Scottie Ray]
Bartholomew Kuma [One Piece] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Jack Cayman [MadWorld] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Evangelion Unit-01 [Neon Genesis Evangelion] [Shinji voiced by Spike Spencer]
Nemesis T-Type [Resident Evil] [Voiced by Gregg Berger [SFX]]
Cervantes De Leon [Soul Calibur] [Voiced by Wally Wingert]
Cell [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Vergil [Devil May Cry] [Voiced by Daniel Southworth]
Black Widow [Marvel] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Wander [Shadow of the Colossus] [Voiced by Kenji Nojima]
Gurren Lagann [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Simon voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, Viral voiced by Sam Riegel]
Rotom [Pokemon] [Voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima]
Paul Atreides [Dune] [Voiced by Kyle MacLachian]
Magna Charge [Skylanders] [Voiced by Greg Ellis]
Saibaman [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by John Burgmeier [SFX]]
The Incredible Hulk [Marvel] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Starscream [Transformers] [Voiced by Sam Riegel]
Stocking Anarchy [Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt] [Voiced by Monica Rial]
Rocket Raccoon [Marvel] [Voiced by Greg Ellis]
John Carter [Barsoom Series] [Voiced by Taylor Kitsich]
Freddy Fazbear [Five Nights at Freddy's] [Voiced by MrCreepypasta]
Roxas [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Jesse McCartney]
Crash Bandicoot [Crash Bandicoot] [Voiced by Jess Harnell [SFX]]
Skull Kid [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Joshua Seth]
Shulk [Xenoblade] [Voiced by Adam Howden]
Dante Alighieri [Dante's Inferno] [Voiced by Graham McTavish]
Mikasa Ackerman [Attack on Titan] [Voiced by Trina Nishimura]
Barret Wallace [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Beau Billingslea]
Alice Liddel [American McGee's Alice] [Voiced by Susie Bran]
White Ranger [Power Rangers] [Voiced by Jason David Frank]
Robin [DC Comics] [Voiced by Scott Menville]
Kain [Legacy of Kain] [Voiced by Simon Templeman]
Shantae [Shantae] [Voiced by Meagan Glaser]
Boa Hancock [One Piece] [Voiced by Lydia Mackay]
Father Anderson [Hellsing] [Voiced by Stephen Brand]
Scanty Daemon [Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt] [Voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard]
Gruntilda [Banjo-Kazooie] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
DmC Dante [Devil May Cry] [Voiced by Tim Philips]
Avatar Korra [Avatar] [Voiced by Janet Varney]
Lloyd Garmadon [Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu] [Voiced by Jillian Michaels]
Wendy Marvell [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Brittney Karbowski]
Starfy [The Legendary Starfy] [Voiced by Koorogi Satomi [SFX]]
Darthon [Regular Show] [Voiced by Roger Craig Smith]
Burai Yamamoto [Big Bang Beat] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Terry Bogard [SNK] [Voiced by Tony Carroll]
Jon Talbain [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Alvin Sanders]
Kenpachi Zaraki [Bleach] [Voiced by David Lodge]
Sailor Jupiter [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Amanda Miller]
Machamp [Pokemon] [Voiced by Eric Stuart]
The Last Kusagari [Red Steel] [Voiced by Kazuya Nakai [SFX]]
Ty [Ty the Tasmanian Tiger] [Voiced by Greg Ellis]
Fi [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Kari Wahlgren]
Bob Richards [Tekken] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Kneesocks Daemon [Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt] [Voiced by Cherami Leigh]
Flame King [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Keith David]
Wrecking Ball [Skylanders] [Voiced by Ryan Cooper]
Lucina [Fire Emblem] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Nightmare [Soul Calibur] [Voiced by Patrick Ryan]
Rainbow Dash [My Little Pony] [Voiced by Ashleigh Ball]
Ansem [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Billy Zane]
Michael Jackson [Michael Jackson's Moonwalker] [Voiced by Mike Henry]
Medusa [Kid Icarus] [Voiced by Cree Summer]
Ragna the Bloodedge [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Marshall D. Teach [One Piece] [Voiced by Cole Brown]
Noob Saibot [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
Dovahkiin [The Elder Scrolls] [Voiced by Rick D. Wasserman]
Simon Belmont [Castlevania] [Voiced by Keith Silverstein]
Raven [DC Comics] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Corvo Attano [Dishonored] [Voiced by David Wald]
Elec Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Brendan Hunter]
Duskmon [Digimon] [Voiced by Crispin Freeman]
Godzilla [Godzilla] [No voice actor]
Lone Ranger [The Lone Ranger] [Voiced by Armie Hammer]
Silver the Hedgehog [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Quinton Flynn]
Mirajane Strauss [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Monica Rial]
Gordon Freeman [Half-Life] [No voice actor]
Princess Daisy [Super Mario] [Voiced by Deanna Mustard]
Larry Koopa [Super Mario] [Voiced by Michelle Hippie]
The Predator [Predator] [No voice actor]
Lord Garmadon [Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu] [Voiced by Mark Oliver]
Darwin Watterson [The Amazing World of Gumball] [Voiced by Terrell Ransom Jr.]
Princess Leia [Star Wars] [Voiced by Carrie Fisher]
Mephiles the Dark [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Dan Green]
Duck Hunt [Duck Hunt] [No voice actor]
Ragyo Kiryuin [Kill La Kill] [Voiced by Laura Post]
The Mandarin [Marvel] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Bobert [The Amazing World of Gumball] [Voiced by Kerry Shale]
Roy Koopa [Super Mario] [Voiced by Dan Falcone]
Wolverine [Marvel] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Aku [Samurai Jack] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Pinkie Pie [My Little Pony] [Voiced by Andrea Libman]
Sailor Venus [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Cherami Leigh]
Lord Darkar [Winx Club] [Voiced by Jason Griffith]
Hellboy [Hellboy] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Wilfre [Drawn to Life] [Voiced by Justin Roiland]
Casey Jones [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] [Voiced by Marc Thompson]
Clare [Claymore] [Voiced by Stephanie Young]
Black Doom [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Sean Schemmel]
Devilman [Devilman] [Voiced by Alan Marriot]
Lemmy Koopa [Super Mario] [Voiced by Lani Minella]
Hex [Skylanders] [Voiced by Courtenay Taylor]
Homer Simpson [The Simpsons] [Voiced by Dan Castellanetta]
Clayton [The Amazing World of Gumball] [Voiced by Max Cazier]
Dr. Facilier [The Princess and the Frog] [Voiced by Keith David]
Toon Dr. Mario [Brentalfloss's Dr. Mario with Lyrics] [Voiced by Brent Black]
Splash Woman [Mega Man] [Voiced by Sabrina Carpenter]
Master Chief [Halo] [Voiced by Steve Downes]
Wreck-It Ralph [Wreck-It Ralph] [Voiced by John C. Reilly]
Sephiroth [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by George Newbern]
Monsoon [Metal Gear] [Voiced by John Kassir]
Rosalina [Super Mario] [Voiced by Kerri Kane]
Beast Boy [DC Comics] [Voiced by Greg Cipes]
Buggy the Clown [One Piece] [Voiced by Mike McFarland]
Aeon Calcos [Soul Calibur] [Voiced by Frank Welker]
Isaac Clarke [Dead Space] [Voiced by Gunner Wright]
Ms. Fortune [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Kimlinh Tran]
Sailor Neptune [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Barbara Radecki]
Gildarts Clive [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Jason Douglas]
Hazama [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Dough Erholtz]
Yang Xiao Long [RWBY] [Voiced by Barbara Dunkleman]
Wendy O. Koopa [Super Mario] [Voiced by Ashley Flannagan]
Spyro the Dragon [Spyro] [Voiced by Jess Harnell]
Bruno Buccelatti [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Darunia [The Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Beau Billingslea]
Uncle Grandpa [Uncle Grandpa] [Voiced by Peter Browngardt]
Arakune [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Spike Spencer]
Superboy [DC Comics] [Voiced by Nolan North]
Doomguy [Doom] [Voiced by John DiMaggio]
Jayden Shiba [Power Rangers] [Voiced by Alex Heartman]
Gorilla Grodd [DC Comics] [Voiced by Powers Boothe]
Vaati [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Indiana Jones [Indiana Jones] [Voiced by Harrison Ford]
Kamek [Super Mario] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Evergreen [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Caitlin Glass]
Rick Taylor [Splatterhouse] [Rick voiced by Josh Keaton, Terror Mask voiced by Jim Cummings]
Gundam Epyon [Gundam] [Zechs voiced by Brian Drummond]
Goomba [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Crusher [Skylanders] [Voiced by Kevin Sorbo]
Gene [God Hand] [Voiced by Beng Spies]
Nero [Devil May Cry] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Dark Pit [Kid Icarus] [Voiced by Antony Del Rio]
Onoki [Naruto] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Brainiac [DC Comics] [Voiced by Corey Burton]
Tabuu [Super Smash Bros] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Wolf O'Donnel [Star Fox] [Voiced by David Lodge]
Meowth [Pokemon] [Voiced by James Carter Cathcart]
Dabura [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Rick Robertson]
Bang Shishigami [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Steve Kramer]
General Zod [DC Comics] [Voiced by Nolan North]
Van Kleiss [Generator Rex] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Moka Akashiya [Rosario + Vampire] [Voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard]
Princess Ruto [The Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Megan Hollingshead]
Dr. Eggman [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Mike Pollock]
Sailor Mercury [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Kate Higgins]
Star-Lord [Marvel] [Voiced by Chris Cox]
Metal Sonic [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Ryan Drummond]
Master Hand [Super Smash Bros] [Voiced by Daran Norris]
Allen Walker [D. Gray Man] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Metal Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Ian James Corlett]
Bayonetta [Bayonetta] [Voiced by Hellena Taylor]
Guts Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Tommy James]
Jin Kisaragi [BlazBlue] [Voiced by David Vincent]
Jonah Hex [DC Comics] [Voiced by Thomas Jane]
Iggy Koopa [Super Mario] [Voiced by Mike Vaughn]
Bass [Mega Man] [Voiced by Crispin Freeman]
Steve [Minecraft] [No voice actor]
Villager [Animal Crossing] [No voice actor]
Dr. Wily [Mega Man] [Voiced by Scott McNeil]
Sailor Pluto [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Susan Aceron]
Poison Ivy [DC Comics] [Voiced by Tasia Valenza]
Slash Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson]
Risky Boots [Shantae] [Voiced by Aimee Smith]
Deku Butler [The Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Adrian Truss]
Magnet Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Jim Byrnes]
Thor [Marvel] [Voiced by Rick D. Wasserman]
Starfire [DC Comics] [Voiced by Hynden Walch]
Kurumu Kurono [Rosario + Vampire] [Voiced by Brina Palencia]
Sonic.exe [Creepypasta] [Voiced by Roger Craig Smith]
Jackie Estacado [The Darkness] [Voiced by Kirk Acevedo]
Pharaoh Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Jim Byrnes]
Kanji Tatsumi [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Yasutora Sado [Bleach] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
Sheep Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Astro Boy [Astro Boy] [Voiced by Candi Milo]
Cavendish [One Piece] [Voiced by Ross Lynch]
Napalm Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Sailor Saturn [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Jennifer Gould]
Yellow Devil [Mega Man] [No voice actor]
Pyramid Head [Silent Hill] [No voice actor]
Jason Voorhees [Friday the 13th] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker [SFX]]
Black Adam [DC Comics] [Voiced by Joey Naber]
E-101 Beta [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Rundas [Metroid] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Bufo [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Silver Sonic [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Jason Griffith]
Big Daddy [Bioshock] [Little Sister voiced by Juliet Landau]
Martian Manhunter [DC Comics] [Voiced by Carl Lumbly]
Mecha Sonic [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Gray Fox [Metal Gear] [Voiced by Rob Paulsen]
Iron Man [Marvel] [Voiced by Robert Downey Jr.]
Mecha Knuckles [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Volga [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Frankenstein's Monster [Frankenstein] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore [SFX]]
Shadow Android [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Jason Griffith]
Bowser Jr. [Super Mario] [Voiced by Catey Sagoian]
Pan [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Elise Baughman]
Eggrobo [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Mike Pollock]
Auron [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Matt McKenzie]
Tohru Adachi [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Scratch and Grounder [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Phil Hayes and Gary Chalk]
Sho Fukamachi [Bio Booster Armor Guyver] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Albert Wesker [Resident Evil] [Voiced by DC Douglas]
Bolin [Avatar] [Voiced by PJ Byrne]
Yukari Sendo [Rosario + Vampire] [Voiced by Monica Rial]
Zatanna [DC Comics] [Voiced by Lacey Chabert]
Hotaru [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Dan Green]
Booker DeWitt [Bioshock] [Troy Baker]
Aquaman [DC Comics] [Voiced by Scott Rummell]
Magma Dragoon [Mega Man] [Voiced by Keith David]
Sabin [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Percy Jackson [Camp Half-Blood] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Entei [Pokemon] [Voiced by Dan Green]
Red Hood [DC Comics] [Voiced by Jensen Ackles]
He-Man [He-Man and the Masters of the Universe] [Voiced by Cam Clarke]
Eruptor [Skylanders] [Voiced by Keythe Farley]
The Sniper [Team Fortress] [Voiced by John Patrick Lowrie]
Kefka Palazzo [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Dave Wittenberg]
John White [inFamous] [Voiced by Phil LaMarr]
NiGHTS [NiGHTS] [Voiced by Julissa Aguirre]
Naoto Shirogane [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Valerie Arem]
Mei Terumi [Naruto] [Voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn]
Darth Vader [Star Wars] [Voiced by Matt Sloan]
Freddy Krueger [Nightmare on Elm Street] [Voiced by Robert Englund]
Don Accino [One Piece] [Voiced by Ray Gestaut]
Prince Zuko [Avatar] [Voiced by Dante Basco]
Master Xehanort [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Leonard Nimoy]
Grisor [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by R. Martin Klein]
Evil Cole MacGrath [inFamous] [Voiced by Eric Laden]
Strider Hiryu [Strider] [Voiced by TJ Storm]
Lava Girl [The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl] [Voiced by Dove Cameron]
Lion-O [Thundercats] [Voiced by Larry Kenney]
Winter Soldier [Marvel] [Voiced by Sebastian Stan]
Evil Ryu [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Kyle Hebert]
Emporio Ivankov [One Piece] [Voiced by Bucky Pearl]
Fire Lord Ozai [Avatar] [Voiced by Mark Hamill]
Vega [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Doug Erholtz]
Ezio Auditore [Assassin's Creed] [Voiced by Roger Craig Smith]
Morton Koopa Jr. [Super Mario] [Voiced by Lani Minella]
Cody Travers [Final Fight] [Voiced by Michael T. Coleman]
Catwoman [DC Comics] [Voiced by Grey DeLisle]
Xergiok [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Davey Johnson]
Sakura Kasugano [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Brittney Lee Harvey]
Venusaur [Pokemon] [Voiced by Craig Blair]
Dr. Mario [Super Mario] [Voiced by Charles Martinet]
Emperor Palpatine [Star Wars] [Voiced by Ian McDiarmid]
Black Cat [Marvel] [Voiced by Ali Hillis]
TJ Combo [Killer Instinct] [Voiced by Greg Eagles]
Optimus Prime [Transformers] [Voiced by Peter Cullen]
Mugen [Samurai Champloo] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
The Nameless Assassin [Hero] [Voiced by Jet Li]
James Heller [PROTOTYPE] [Voiced by Cornell Womack]
Baraka [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Bob Carter]
Blastoise [Pokemon] [Voiced by Eric Stuart]
Lilith Aensland [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Stephanie Sheh]
Po [Kung-Fu Panda] [Voiced by Jack Black]
The Joker [DC Comics] [Voiced by John DiMaggio]
Ivy Valentine [Soul Calibur] [Voiced by Lani Minella]
Koopa Troopa [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Nova [Marvel] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Gene Starwind [Outlaw Star] [Voiced by Bob Buccholz]
James Bond [James Bond] [Voiced by Daniel Craig]
Darth Maul [Star Wars] [Voiced by Ray Park]
Nightwing [DC Comics] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Aqualad [DC Comics] [Voiced by Khary Payton]
Blue Beetle [DC Comics] [Voiced by Eric Lopez]
Jynx [Pokemon] [Voiced by Rachael Lillis]
Gouken [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Lee Everest]
Juri Han [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Jessica Strauss]
Light Yagami [Death Note] [Voiced by Brad Swaile]
Gamera [Gamera] [No voice actor]
C.C. [Code Geass] [Voiced by Kate Higgins]
Jeanne [Bayonetta] [Voiced by Grey DeLisle]
Bucky O'Hare [Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars] [Voiced by Jason Marsden]
Kenshi [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Daniel Southworth]
Jason Grace [Camp Half-Blood] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Austin Powers [Austin Powers] [Voiced by Mike Myers]
Pride [Fullmetal Alchemist] [Voiced by Brittney Karbowski]
Balrog [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Bob Carter]
Heart Aino [Arcana Heart] [Voiced by Mikaka Takahashi]
Ryu Hayabusa [Ninja Gaiden] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Green Knight [Castle Crashers] [No voice actor]
Hiccup and Toothless [How to Train Your Dragon] [Hiccup voiced by Jay Baruchel]
Duster [Mother] [Voiced by Chris Parnell]
Gotenks [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Kara Edwards and Laura Bailey]
The Terminator [Terminator] [Voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger]
Ludwig Von Koopa [Super Mario] [Voiced by Mike Vaughn]
Phoenix Wright [Ace Attorney] [Voiced by Sam Riegel]
Mordecai & Rigby [Regular Show] [Voiced by J.G. Quintel and William Slayers]
Katara [Avatar] [Voiced by Mae Whitman]
The Boss [Saints Row] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Plusle and Minun [Pokemon] [Voiced by whoever their english voice actors are]
Amaterasu [Okami] [No voice actor]
Hsien-Ko [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Hunter MacKenzie Austin]
The Ice Climbers [Ice Climber] [Both voiced by Tara Strong]
Mr. Game and Watch [Game and Watch] [No voice actor]
Captain Marvel [DC Comics] [Voiced by Joey Naber]
Billy and Jimmy Lee [Double Dragon] [Voiced by Michael Donovan and Scott McNeil]
Rayman [Rayman] [Voiced by Douglas Rand]
The Flash [DC Comics] [Voiced by Neal McDonough]
Koume and Kotake [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Jimmy Zoppi and Barbara Goodson]
Earthworm Jim [Earthworm Jim] [Voiced by Doug TenNapel]
Kamina [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Voiced by Kyle Hebert]
Geo Stellar [Mega Man] [Voiced by Jason Spasik]
Simon the Digger [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Dan Hibiki [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Ted Sroka]
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Joe Alaskey and Tim Conway]
Viral [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Voiced by Sam Riegel]
Dr. Doom [Marvel] [Voiced by Paul Dobson]
Bebop and Rocksteady [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] [Voiced by Bradford Cameron and Johnny Castro]
Lordgenome [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
Diamante [One Piece] [Voiced by George Takei]
The Puppet [Five Nights at Freddy's] [No voice actor]
Yoko Littner [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Voiced by Michelle Ruff]
Kid Buu [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Josh Martin]
The Wonder Twins [DC Comics] [Voiced by Khary Peyton and Tara Strong]
Chell [Portal] [GLaDOS voiced by Ellen McLain]
ToeJam and Earl [ToeJam and Earl] [Voiced by Tom Kenny and Dan Castellanetta]
Delsin Rowe [inFamous] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Cthulhu [H.P. Lovecraft] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Eddie Riggs [Brutal Legend] [Voiced by Jack Black]
Ratchet and Clank [Ratchet and Clank] [Voiced by James Arnold Taylor and David Kaye]
Sir Arthur [Ghosts 'n' Goblins] [Voiced by Dan Woren]
Frank West [Dead Rising] [Voiced by T.J. Rotolo]
Kang and Kodos [The Simpsons] [Voiced by Harry Shearer and Dan Castellanetta]
Captain Toad [Super Mario] [Voiced by Samantha Kelly]
Cool Spot [Cool Spot] [Voiced by Adam DeVine]
Sam and Max [Sam and Max] [Voiced by David Nowlin and David Boat]
Lord Tirek [My Little Pony] [Voiced by Mark Acheson]
Andrew Detmer [Chronicle] [Voiced by Dane DeHaan]
Cait Sith [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Greg Ellis]
Chris Redfield [Resident Evil] [Voiced by Roger Craig Smith]
Green Ranger [Power Rangers] [Voiced by Jason David Frank]
Cloak and Dagger [Marvel] [Voiced by Phil LaMarr and Ashley Eckstein]
Yasha [Asura's Wrath] [Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes]
Nathan Drake [Uncharted] [Voiced by Nolan North]
Composite Superman [DC Comics] [Voiced by George Newbern and Kevin Conroy]
Sebastian Michealis [Black Butler] [Voiced by J. Michael Tatum]
Ramona Flowers [Scott Pilgrim] [Voiced by Mary Elizabeth Winstead]
Cyborg Superman [DC Comics] [Voiced by George Newbern]
Augus [Asura's Wrath] [Voiced by Imari Williams]
Senator Armstrong [Metal Gear] [Voiced by Alastair Duncan]
Krypto the Superdog [DC Comics] [Voiced by Samuel Vincent]
Eugene Sims [inFamous] [Voiced by Alex Walsh]
Deus [Asura's Wrath] [Voiced by David Pizzuto]
Coby [One Piece] [Voiced by Micah Solusod]
Abigail Walker [inFamous] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
King Bumi [Avatar] [Voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo]
Sabo [One Piece] [Voiced by Peyton Meyer]
Henry Cooldown [No More Heroes] [Voiced by Quinton Flynn]
Alucard Tepes [Castlevania] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Dex-Starr [DC Comics] [Voiced by Danny Cooksey]
Sol Badguy [Guilty Gear] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Soma Cruz [Castlevania] [Voiced by Erik Davies]
Dr. Manhattan [DC Comics] [Voiced by Billy Crudup]
Wonder-Blue [The Wonderful 101] [Voiced by Roger Craig Smith]
Seras Victoria [Hellsing] [Voiced by Kathrine T. Gray]
Nefertari Vivi [One Piece] [Voiced by Caitlin Glass]
Wonder-Red [The Wonderful 101] [Voiced by Charlie Schlatter]
Jin Kazama [Tekken] [Voiced by Brad Swaile]
Black Hand [DC Comics] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Tengu Brunch [Toriko] [Voiced by Seth Green]
Sandy Cheeks [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Carolyn Lawrence]
Foxy [One Piece] [Voiced by Jonathan Brooks]
Black Panther [Marvel] [Voiced by James C. Mathis III]
Rias Gremory [High School DxD] [Voiced by Jamie Marchi]
Connor Kenway [Assassin's Creed] [Voiced by Noah Watts]
Priscilla the Pig [The Zoo Race] [No voice actor]
Ganta Igarashi [Deadman Wonderland] [Voiced by Greg Ayres]
Lao G [One Piece] [Voiced by Mark Hamill]
Pyrrha Alexandra [Soulcalibur] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Summoned Skull [Yu-Gi-Oh] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Perona [One Piece] [Voiced by Felicia Angelle]
Conan the Barbarian [Conan the Barbarian] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Elric of Melnibone [The Elric Saga] [Voiced by Vic Mignongna]
Caribou [One Piece] [Voiced by John DiMaggio]
Shirou Emiya [Fate] [Voiced by Sam Riegel]
Baymax [Big Hero 6] [Voiced by Scott Adsit]
Mr. 2 Bon Clay [One Piece] [Voiced by Barry Yandell]
Harley Quinn [DC Comics] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Wonrei [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by Crispin Freeman]
Swamp Thing [DC Comics] [Voiced by Chilimbwe Washington]
The Anti-Spiral [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Voiced by Dave Mallow]
Smaug [Lord of the Rings] [Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch]
Detective Chimp [DC Comics] [Voiced by Scott Menville]
Butters Stotch [South Park] [Voiced by Matt Stone]
Berserker Lancelot [Fate] [Voiced by Kyle Hebert]
Makarov Dreyar [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by R. Bruce Elliot]
Renamon [Digimon] [Voiced by Mari Devon]
Calvin and Hobbes [Calvin and Hobbes] [Voiced by Tara Strong and Jeff Bennett]
Antonio Garcia [Power Rangers] [Voiced by Steven Skyler]
Shovel Knight [Shovel Knight] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
BlackWarGreymon [Digimon] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Kizaru [One Piece] [Voiced by Ray Hurd]
Phantom R [Rhythm Thief] [Voiced by Bruce Sherfield]
The Mask [The Mask] [Voiced by Jim Carrey]
Sting Eucliffe [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Michael Jones]
War [Darksiders] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Ant-Man [Marvel] [Voiced by Wally Wingert]
Doctor Light [DC Comics] [Voiced by Rodger Bumpass]
Akihiko Sanada [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Yosuke Hanamura [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Josuke Higashikata [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Justin Cook]
Bright Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Brad Swaile]
Teddie [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Sam Riegel]
Klonoa [Klonoa] [Voiced by Eric Stitt]
Zer0 [Borderlands] [Voiced by Mike Turner]
Junpei Iori [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Vic Mignona]
Leona Heidern [SNK] [Voiced by Rachel Waltzer]
Tsubaki Yayoi [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Julie Ann Taylor]
Yukiko Amagi [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Amanda Winn Lee]
Terrence and Phillip [South Park] [Voiced by Matt Stone and Trey Parker]
Giorno Giovanna [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Kars [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson]
Kyo Kusanagi [SNK] [Voiced by Peter Von Gomm]
Dr. Nefarious [Ratchet and Clank] [Voiced by Armin Shimerman]
Lana [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Fat Albert [Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids] [Voiced by Bill Cosby]
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo [Scooby-Doo] [Voiced by Matthew Lillard and Frank Welker]
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright [Kirby] [Voiced by Jeff Bennet and Richard Horvitz]
Reptil [Marvel] [Voiced by Antony Del Rio]
The Punisher [Marvel] [Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes]
Xerneas [Pokemon] [Voiced by Mary O'Brady]
Mizore Shirayuki [Rosario + Vampire] [Voiced by Tia Ballard]
Carnage [Marvel] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Aqua [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Willa Holland]
Rogue Cheney [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Garret Storms]
Saber [Fate] [Voiced by Kari Wahlgren]
Kim Kaphwan [SNK] [Voiced by David Kaye]
Baby 5 [One Piece] [Voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Rider Iskandar [Fate] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
Knight Light [Skylanders] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Lucy [Lucy] [Voiced by Scarlet Johansson]
Cammy White [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Caitlin Glass]
Stella [Winx Club] [Voiced by Amy Gross]
Kenny McCormick [South Park] [Voiced by Matt Stone]
Brago [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by Wally Wingert]
Darkrai [Pokemon] [Voiced by Scott Williams]
Solid Snake [Metal Gear] [Voiced by David Hayter]
Mitsuru Kirijo [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Tara Platt]
Megatron [Transformers] [Voiced by Frank Welker]
Sho Minazuki [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Makoto Yuki [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Zeref [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Joel McDonald]
Herobrine [Minecraft] [No voice actor]
Archer [Fate] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Zaruchim [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Saeko Busujima [Highschool of the Dead] [Voiced by Taylor Hannah]
Avatar Wan [Avatar] [Voiced by Steven Yeun]
Gekko Moriah [One Piece] [Voiced by Christopher Guerrerro]
Stan Marsh [South Park] [Voiced by Trey Parker]
Agent Smith [The Matrix] [Voiced by Hugo Weaving]
Wizzro [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Mark Hamill]
Anakin Skywalker [Star Wars] [Voiced by Hayden Christensen]
Maleficent [Sleeping Beauty] [Voiced by Susanne Blakeslee]
Darkstar [Ben 10] [Voiced by Will Wheaton]  
Shoutmon [Digimon] [Voiced by Ben Diskin]
Jimmy Valmer [South Park] [Voiced by Trey Parker]  
Syn Shenron [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Lon'qu [Fire Emblem] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Jake Long [American Dragon: Jake Long] [Voiced by Dante Basco]
Blackheart [Marvel] [Voiced by Jaimz Woolvet]
Hit-Girl [Kick-Ass] [Voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz]
Senji Kiyomasa [Deadman Wonderland] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
The Dark Queen [Battletoads] [Voiced by Kathleen Barr]
Rex Salazar [Generator Rex] [Voiced by Daryl Sabara]
Golurk [Pokemon] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Cynder [Spyro] [Voiced by Christina Ricci]
Kyle Broflovski [South Park] [Voiced by Matt Stone]
Rugal Bernstein [SNK] [Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson]
Knight Mare [Skylanders] [Voiced by Grey DeLisle]
Beyond the Grave [Gungrave] [Voiced by Kirk Thorton]
Metabee [Medabots] [Voiced by Joe Motiki]
Dark Mind [Kirby] [Voiced by Scott McNeil]
Eric Cartman [South Park] [Voiced by Trey Parker]
Impmon [Digimon] [Voiced by Derek Stephen Price]
Bass.EXE [Mega Man] [Voiced by Matt Hill]
Tao Ren [Shaman King] [Voiced by Andrew Rannells]
Zor [Sonic the Hedgehog] [Voiced by Sam Riegel]
Horohoro [Shaman King] [Voiced by Mike Sinterniklaas]  
Hakumen [BlazBlue] [Voiced by David Vincent]
Liara T'Soni [Mass Effect] [Voiced by Ali Hillis]
Kiritsugu Emiya [Fate] [Voiced by Matthew Mercer]
The Prince of Albion [Fable] [Voiced by Louis Tamone]
The Dark Star [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Johnny Joestar [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Satan [The Binding of Isaac] [Voiced by Paul St. Peter]
Man-of-Bats [DC Comics] [Voiced by Hank Azaria]
Bigby Wolf [Fables] [Voiced by Adam Harrington]
Diavolo [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Michael McConnohie]
The Enchantress [Shovel Knight] [Voiced by Hynden Walch]
Shiro [Deadman Wonderland] [Voiced by Monica Rial]
Parasoul [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Erin Fitzgerald]
Dark Nebula [Kirby] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Lancer Cu Chulainn [Fate] [Voiced by Tony Oliver]
Gilgamesh [Fate] [Voiced by David Vincent]
Silver Surfer [Marvel] [Voiced by Laurence Fishburne]
The Lich [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Fix-It Felix Jr. [Wreck-It Ralph] [Voiced by Jack McBrayer]
Pegasus Seiya [Saint Seiya] [Voiced by Cameron Bautsch]
Andross [Star Fox] [Voiced by Duncan Botwood]
Gon Freecss [Hunter x Hunter] [Voiced by Stephanie Nadolny]
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne [Fate] [Voiced by Grant George]
Toriko [Toriko] [Voiced by Ian Sinclair]
Q*Bert [Q*Bert] [No voice actor]
Lord Beerus [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Jason Douglas]
The Prince of Persia [Prince of Persia] [Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes]
Kaos [Skylanders] [Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz]
Saitama [One-Punch Man] [Voiced by Vic Mignogna]
Drax the Destroyer [Marvel] [Voiced by David Sobolov]
Luminous [Skylanders] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Lady Deadpool [Marvel] [Voiced by Alana Ubach]
Loki [Marvel] [Voiced by Graham McTravish]
Chef Pepper Jack [Skylanders] [Voiced by Darin De Paul]
Kittan Bachika [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann] [Voiced by Christopher Corey Smith]
Darkseid [DC Comics] [Voiced by Michael Ironside]
Wolfgang [Skylanders] [Voiced by John Paul Karliak]
Rescue [Marvel] [Voiced by Meredith Monroe]
Kirei Kotomine [Fate] [Voiced by Crispin Freeman]
Golden Queen [Skylanders] [Voiced by C.C.H. Pounder]
Berserker Heracles [Fate] [Voiced by Michael McConnohie]
Yuno Gasai [Future Diary] [Voiced by Brina Palencia]
Dr. Krankcase [Skylanders] [Voiced by Quinton Flynn]
Aigis [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Karen Strassman]
Wamuu [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
KOS-MOS [Xenosaga] [Voiced by Luci Christian]
Kat and Dusty [Gravity Rush] [Voiced by Sanae Koboyashi]
Dreamcatcher [Skylanders] [Voiced by Tara Platt]
Vanellope von Schweetz [Wreck-It Ralph] [Voiced by Sarah Silverman]
Wild Tiger [Tiger and Bunny] [Voiced by Wally Wingert]
Clyde Donovan [South Park] [Voiced by Trey Parker]
Dark Schneider [Bastard!] [Voiced by Daran Norris]
Demitri Maximoff [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Gulper [Skylanders] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
Holo [Spice and Wolf] [Voiced by Brina Palencia]
Nightshade [Skylanders] [Voiced by Gavin Hammon]
Yukino Aguira [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Mallorie Rodak]
Justin Law [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Eric Vale]
Chompy Mage [Skylanders] [Voiced by Alex Ness]
Lucy Diclonius [Elfen Lied] [Voiced by Kira Vincent Davis]
Bobobobo-Bobobo [Bobobobo-Bobobo] [Voiced by Richard Epcar]
Plague Knight [Shovel Knight] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Zach [The Amazing World of Gumball] [Voiced by Jacob Hopkins]
Musubi [Sekirei] [Voiced by Alexis Tipton]
Sonya Blade [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Dana Lyn Baron]
Judge Dredd [Judge Dredd] [Voiced by Karl Urban]
Lu Bu [Dynasty Warriors] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
Spider-Man 2099 [Marvel] [Voiced by Freddy Rodriguez]
Yukari Takeba [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Michelle Ruff]
Yugi Muto [Yu-Gi-Oh!] [Voiced by Dan Green]
Toxicroak [Pokemon] [Voiced by Bill Rogers]
Young Link [The Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Mona Marshall]
Cinder Fall [RWBY] [Voiced by Jessica Nigri]
Haze Shenron [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Brad Jackson]
King Candy [Wreck-It Ralph] [Voiced by Alan Tudyk]
Filia [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Christina Marie Cabanos]
Sakuya Izayoi [Touhou Project] [Voiced by Rie Tanaka]
Ken Amada [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Cindy Robinson]
Jean Pierre Polnareff [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Baragon [Godzilla] [No voice actor]
Springtrap [Five Nights at Freddy's] [Voiced by Crispin Freeman]
Valentine [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Laura Post]
The Amoeba Boys [Powerpuff Girls] [Voiced by Chuck McCann]
Tsukune Aono [Rosario + Vampire] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Ranma Saotome [Ranma 1/2] [Voiced by Richard Ian Cox]
Me-Mow [Adventure Time] [Voiced by Kyla Rae Kowalewski]
Issei Hyoudou [High School DxD] [Voiced by Scott Freeman]
Marie Korbel [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Kira Buckland]
Riki [Xenoblade] [Voiced by Wayne Forester]
Garnet [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Estelle]
Eragon Bromsson [The Inheritance Cycle] [Voiced by Grant George]
Poison [Final Fight] [Voiced by Karen Strassman]
Puffy Fluffy [SpongeBob SquarePants] [No voice actor]
Caster Gilles de Rais [Fate] [Voiced by Dan Waren]
Shizune [Naruto] [Voiced by Megan Hollingshead]
Enrico Pucci [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Keith David]
Lex Luthor [DC Comics] [Voiced by Clancy Brown]
Magellan [One Piece] [Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson]
Piplup [Pokemon] [Voiced by Michele Knotz]
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah [Fate] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Muk [Pokemon] [Voiced by Tom Wayland]
Greninja [Pokemon] [Voiced by Billy Bob Thompson]
Tsunayoshi Sawada [Katekyo Hitman Reborn!] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Smiley [One Piece] [No voice actor]
Baoh [Baoh] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Broly [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Vic Mignogna]
Pannacotta Fugo [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] [Voiced by Orion Acaba]
Dragon Shiryu [Saint Seiya] [Voiced by Jay Hickman]
Lelouch vi Brittania [Code Geass] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Cobra [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Jarrod Greene]
Steven Universe [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Zach Callison]
Piccolo [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Coco [Toriko] [Voiced by Jarrod Greene]
Pearl [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall]
Sabrewulf [Killer Instinct] [No voice actor]
Master Belch [Mother] [Voiced by John DiMaggio]
Phoenix Ikki [Saint Seiya] [Voiced by Mike MacRae]
Daredevil [Marvel] [Voiced by Brian Bloom]
Tarantox [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Elizabeth [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Tara Platt]
Agent Venom [Marvel] [Voiced by Matt Lanter]
High Five [Skylanders] [Voiced by Tom Kenny]
Assassin Sasaki Kojirou [Fate] [Voiced by David Vincent]
Caster Medea [Fate] [Voiced by Tare Platt]
Rocketeer Joe [Bomberman] [Voiced by Ronald Lee Ermey]
Aganos [Killer Instinct] [No voice actor]
Cyclops [Marvel] [Voiced by Scott Porter]
Carmilla [Castlevania] [Voiced by Sally Knyvette]
Peacock [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Sarah Williams]
Double [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Charlotte Ann]
Toxic Seahorse [Mega Man] [Voiced by Dana Snyder]
Rachel Alucard [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Mela Lee]
Big Band [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Rich Brown]
Sludge [Crash Bandicoot] [Voiced by Biz Markie]
Craig Tucker [South Park] [Voiced by Matt Stone]
Slayer [Guilty Gear] [Voiced by J.B. Blanc]
Metroid Prime [Metroid] [No voice actor]
Hao Asakura [Shaman King] [Voiced by Sebastian Arcelus]
Crono [Chrono Trigger] [Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch]
Mothra [Godzilla] [No voice actor]
Token Black [South Park] [Voiced by Adrien Beard]
Razputin Aquato [Psychonauts] [Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz]
Anthony Padilla [Smosh] [Voiced by Anthony Padilla]
Kaneki Ken [Tokyo Ghoul] [Voiced by Austin Tindle]
Eliza [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Michelle Ruff]
Scorpion [Kung-Fu Panda] [Voiced by Lynn Milgrim]
Ky Kiske [Guilty Gear] [Voiced by Sam Riegel]
Lightning Farron [Final Fantasy] [Voiced by Ali Hills]
Raarg [SpongeBob SquarePants] [No voice actor]
Arthas Menethil [Warcraft] [Voiced by Michael McConnohie]
Shinichi Izumi [Parasyte] [Voiced by Liam O'Brien]
Spellican [Kingdom Hearts] [No voice actor]
Shield Knight [Shovel Knight] [Voiced by Hynden Walch]
Afro Samurai [Afro Samurai] [Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson]
Oni [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Dave Mallow]
Wendy Testaburger [South Park] [Voiced by April Stewart]
Quote [Cave Story] [No voice actor]
Robo [Chrono Trigger] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Painwheel [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Danielle McRae]
Ada Wong [Resident Evil] [Voiced by Courtenay Taylor]
Ippo Makunouchi [Hajime no Ippo] [Voiced by Steve Stayley]
Towelie [South Park] [Voiced by Vernon Chatman]
Firebrand [Ghosts 'n Goblins] [No voice actor]
Knuckle Joe [Kirby] [Voiced by Alesia Glidewell]
Iron Tager [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Jamieson Price]
Frog [Chrono Trigger] [Voiced by Gideo Emery]
Yamcha [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Cerebella [Skullgirls] [Voiced by Christina Vee]
Tatsumi Oga [Beelzebub] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Raoh [Fist of the North Star] [Voiced by Andrew Love]
Sweet Tooth [Twisted Metal] [Voiced by J.S. Gilbert]
Juuzou Suzuya [Tokyo Ghoul] [Voiced by Maxey Whitehead]
Sukapon [Joy Mech Fight] [No voice actor]
Lloyd Irving [Tales] [Voiced by Scott Menville]
Nui Harime [Kill la Kill] [Voiced by Stephanie Sheh]
Iron Fist [Marvel] [Voiced by Loren Lester]
Specter Knight [Shovel Knight] [Voiced by Ron Perlman]
Impa [Legend of Zelda] [Voiced by Susan Dalian]
Monkey D. Garp [One Piece] [Voiced by Brian Mathis]
Overlord Laharl [Disgaea] [Voiced by Barbara Goodson]
Patroklos Alexander [Soul Calibur] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Guy [Final Fight] [Voiced by Jason C. Miller]
Colette Brunel [Tales] [Voiced by Heather Hogan]
Kite [.hack] [Voiced by Mona Marshall]
GutsMan.EXE [Mega Man] [Voiced by Scott McNeil]
Donovan Baine [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Ari Solomon]
Baby Bonnie Hood [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Kim Possible [Kim Possible] [Voiced by Christy Carlson Romano]
Jedah Dohma [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Travis Willingham]
Twilight Sparkle [My Little Pony] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Kagura [Gintama] [Voiced by Luci Christian]
Zhao Yun [Dynasty Warriors] [Voiced by Terrence Stone]
Aeon [Castlevania] [Voiced by Ezra Weisz]
Doc Saturday [The Secret Saturdays] [Voiced by Phil Morris]
Erron Black [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Chakravartin [Asura's Wrath] [Voiced by Al Rodrigo]
Alisa Bosconovitch [Tekken] [Voiced by Michele Knotz]
Nathan and Mimsy [South Park] [Voiced by Trey Parker]
Bishamon [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Michael Dobson]
Shifu [Kung-Fu Panda] [Voiced by Dustin Hoffman]
Shrek [Shrek] [Voiced by Mike Myers]
Jinx [League of Legends] [Voiced by Sarah Anne Williams]
King Hippo [Punch Out!!] [Voiced by Scott McFayden]
Gajeel Redfox [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by David Wald]
Agumon [Digimon] [Voiced by Michael Lindsay]
Duo [Mega Man] [Voiced by Neil Kaplan]
Lord Raptor [Darkstalkers] [Voiced by Scott McNeil]
The Demi-Fiend [Shin Megami Tensei] [Voiced by Todd Haberkorn]
Kilik Rung [Soul Eater] [Voiced by Joel McDonald]
Amethyst [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Michaela Dietz]
Sin Kiske [Guilty Gear] [Voiced by Lucien Dodge]
Kido [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by Brianne Siddall]
Sailor Moon [Sailor Moon] [Voiced by Stephanie Sheh]
Madoka Kaname [Puella Magi Madoka Magica] [Voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos]
Night Shift [Skylanders] [Voiced by Maurice LaMarche]
Cinder [Killer Instinct] [Voiced by Peter Kelamis]
Lapis Lazuli [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Jennifer Paz]
Hercules [Disney's Hercules] [Voiced by Tate Donovan]
Gundam Wing Zero [Gundam] [Voiced by Mark Hildreth]
Cygnus Hyoga [Saint Seiya] [Voiced by Jason Douglas]
Ultraman [Ultraman] [No voice actor]
Guy Shishio [The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar] [Voiced by Mike Sinterniklaas]
Dudley [Street Fighter] [Voiced by Stuart McLean]
Kallen Stadtfeld [Code Geass] [Voiced by Karen Strassman]
Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan [Pokemon] [Voiced by Michael Haigney]
Carter Kane [The Kane Chronicles] [Voiced by James Arnold Taylor]
Mint-Berry Crunch [South Park] [Voiced by Matt Stone]
Kick-Ass [Kick-Ass] [Voiced by Aaron Taylor-Johnson]
The Baby Ducks [Regular Show] [Voiced by J.G. Quintel]
Serpent [Marvel] [Voiced by Mark Hamill]
Ahri [League of Legends] [Voiced by Laura Post]
Doomsday [DC Comics] [Voiced by Khary Payton]
GaoGaiGar [The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar] [Voiced by Mike Sinterniklaas]
Opal [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Aimee Mann]
Daz Bones [One Piece] [Voiced by Brett Weaver]
Drill Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Scott McNeil]
Ash Williams [Evil Dead] [Voiced by Bruce Campbell]
Magus [Chrono Trigger] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Excadrill [Pokemon] [Voiced by Tom Wayland]
Quicksilver [Marvel] [Voiced by Richard Ian Cox]
Hisako [Killer Instinct] [No voice actor]
Ground Man [Mega Man] [Voiced by Patrick Warburton]
Cassie Cage [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Ashly Burch]
Xemnas [Kingdom Hearts] [Voiced by Paul St. Peter]
Konk [The Legendary Starfy] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Star Butterfly [Star vs The Forces of Evil] [Voiced by Eden Sher]
Neku Sakuraba [The World Ends With You] [Voiced by Jesse David Corti]
Vincent Bari [Zatch Bell!] [Voiced by Wally Wingert]
Goliath [Gargoyles] [Voiced by Keith David]
Aya Brea [Parasite Eve] [Voiced by Yvonne Strahovski]
Andreas [Ben 10] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Timmy Burch [South Park] [Voiced by Trey Parker]
Venom [Marvel] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Tanya [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Ultron [Marvel] [Voiced by James Spader]
Ayla [Chrono Trigger] [Voiced by Rachael Lillis]
Metal General [Kirby] [No voice actor]
Beta Ray Bill [Marvel] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Ashe [League of Legends] [Voiced by Melissa Hutchison]
Amane Nishiki [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
The Heavy [Team Fortress] [Voiced by Gary Schwartz]
Mr. Fantastic [Marvel] [Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes]
Ben Tennyson [Ben 10] [Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal]
Deng Ai [Dynasty Warriors] [Voiced by Richard Epcar]
Green Goblin [Marvel] [Voiced by Steve Blum]
Raziel [Legacy of Kain] [Voiced by Michael Bell]
Tunnel Rhino [Mega Man] [Voiced by Diedrich Bader]
Boy and Blob [A Boy and his Blob] [Voiced by Elijah Wood and Collin Dean]
Magneto [Marvel] [Voiced by Tom Kane]
General Rilldo [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Andrew Chandler]
Sugilite [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Nicki Minaj]
Killua Zoldyck [Hunter x Hunter] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Drachma [Skies of Arcadia] [Voiced by Joseph Hughes]
Vyse [Skies of Arcadia] [Voiced by Christopher Sullivan]
Bunston [The Legendary Starfy] [Voiced by Chie Matsuura]
Jill [Drill Dozer] [Voiced by Brittney Karbowski]
Lemmiwinks [South Park] [No voice actor]
Beast [Marvel] [Voiced by Fred Tatasciore]
Zero Suit Samus [Metroid] [Voiced by Jennifer Hale]
Weegee [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Axe Cop [Axe Cop] [Voiced by Nick Offerman]
Torkscrew [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Lucian [League of Legends] [Voiced by Patrick Seitz]
Nico di Angelo [Camp Half-Blood] [Voiced by Bryce Papenbrook]
Digga-Leg [Super Mario] [No voice actor]
Bizarro [DC Comics] [Voiced by George Newbern]
Jack Ryan [Bioshock] [Voiced by Nate Wells]
Plankton [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Doug Lawrence]
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Doug Stone]
Rain [Mortal Kombat] [Voiced by Andrew Bowen]
Mr. Driller [Mr. Driller] [Voiced by Tara Strong]
Akira Kongou [Kongou Banchou] [Voiced by Christopher Sabat]
Lee Sin [League of Legends] [Voiced by David Wenham]
Megalon [Godzilla] [No voice actor]
Thanos [Marvel] [Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson]
Sam Fisher [Splinter Cell] [Voiced by Michael Ironside]
Drill Seargeant [Skylanders] [Voiced by Thomas Bromhead]
Atrocitus [DC Comics] [Voiced by Jonathan Adams]
RX-78-2 Gundam [Gundam] [Voiced by Brad Swalie]
Nemu Kurotsuchi [Bleach] [Voiced by Megan Hollingshead]
A [Naruto] [Voiced by Beau Billingslea]
Scarlet Witch [Marvel] [Voiced by Kate Higgins]
Shisui Uchiha [Naruto] [Voiced by Nicholas Roye]
Noel Vermillion [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Christina Valenzuela]
Jin [Yu Yu Hakusho] [Voiced by Jerry Jewell]
Don Chinjao [One Piece] [Voiced by Mark Hamill]
Mu-No.-12 [BlazBlue] [Voiced by Christina Valenzuela]
Shinobu Sensui [Yu Yu Hakusho] [Voiced by Robert McCollum]
Driller [Thundercats] [Voiced by Matthew Mercer]
Jesus Christ [South Park] [Voiced by Matt Stone]
Son Gohan [Dragon Ball] [Voiced by Kyle Hebert]
Inkling [Splatoon] [Voiced by Michele Ruff]
Ch'p [DC Comics] [Voiced by Frank Welker]
Jasper [Steven Universe] [Voiced by Kimberly Brooks]
Silver Fullbuster [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by James Remar]
Bullseye [Marvel] [Voiced by Troy Baker]
Atomic Flounder [SpongeBob SquarePants] [Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker]
Jackal [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Seth Green]
Blade [Marvel] [Voiced by Harold Perrineau]
Laura Barns [Unfriended] [Voiced by Heather Sossaman]
Tempester [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Phil LaMaar]
Xenomorph [Alien] [No voice actor]
Rayne [Bloodrayne] [Voiced by Laura Bailey]
Kyoka [Fairy Tail] [Voiced by Susanne Blakeslee]
Lissa [Fire Emblem] [Voiced by Kate Higgins]

Final Bosses of Arcade Mode:

Very Easy: Hades [Kid Icarus Uprising]
Easy: Pyron [Darkstalkers]
Normal: Unicron [Transformers]
Hard: Galactus [Marvel]
Very Hard: Anti-Monitor [DC Comics]

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S3rpente Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2015
Look that Guy Shishio is wrong, is actually named Guy Shishioh.
S3rpente Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
Also i have some two characters, with analysis for see what kind of moves you could put:
- El Tigre (El Tigre)…
- XJ9 (My Life As A Teenage Robot)…
Cavery210 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
I'd just slim it down to characters that were in the official Death Battles as that roster's way too big.
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
Cavery210 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
Also, Smokey the Bear, McGruff the Crime Dog, Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro are planned for future death battles so they can be in the roster.
Pokemonger Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
You're using Renamon and Calvin & Hobbes! :) No need to thank me!
S3rpente Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
There are Saint Seiya characters in the Roster?
Pokemonger Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
Sweet mother of god. You're using Baymax. YOU"RE USING BAYMAX!
YellowFlash1234 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
It's Baymax. How could he not use him?
Pokemonger Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
Are you gonna use some of my moves and quotes? :)
YellowFlash1234 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
Maybe. I'll look through your stuff and see what you've done.
YellowFlash1234 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Okay, this just got even better than it already was. Didn't think that was possible, but everyone gets proven wrong eventually.
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Well, it is literally exactly the same as your roster.
YellowFlash1234 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Yeah, that might contribute to my enthusiasm.
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Mine too
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ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
So, is this basically Garry's Mod, but for fighting games?
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
I don't get the question.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Basically, Garry's Mod is this videogame of sorts where you can pretty much do anything and add anything you want into that game, like characters.

You can even add Mods into Garry's Mod, even though Garry's Mod is technically already a mod of Half-Life.

I made the comparison between your hypothetical Death Battle Video Game Idea and Garry's Mod is because you put a huge character roster list for your idea.

I wonder if you're going to write an entry about a hypothetical Create-a-Character feature for a Death Battle Game while you're at it?
S3rpente Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
I think that this is more like M.U.G.E.N.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
I see.
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Nah, there will be no create a character feature. But I guess it is kinda like Garry's Mod in that regard... If you think this one's huge, look at YellowFlash1234's journal entries. He's constantly cranking out movesets...
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Oct 4, 2014
I see.

Also, I saw some of YellowFlash's journal entries, and I briefly scrolled down his selection, and tried to count his roster.

Holy, his roster would fill an entire fighting game franchise!

Sorry that I ask this, but: Is there any chance that you could take a few requests?
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Nope, but Flash will.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014

But could you consider taking some of my quote ideas for Captain Commando? (back in the Captain Commando Moveset idea page?)
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
I already said I would.
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Bob8644 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Student Artist


I suggest you just use characters who have already been in Death Battles.
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Bob8644 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Student Artist
What? Why?
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Because it's my project, not yours. I'm not gonna change it because someone else thinks I should.
Bob8644 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Student Artist
Hey, it's only a suggestion!

And speaking of suggestions, you think you could do some characters from the latest Death Battles?
dimentio2 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
I usually Imagine a death battle video game as a divekick-esque game.  maybe not the same mechanics, but about the same level of complexity.  I also don't normally imagine it having all the characters they put into deathbattle, mostly because it would be hard to get permission to use all those characters.  it would be more practical to have parodies of these characters.  also, it would be cool to have wiz and boomstick as playable characters.
soulessone12 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Sweat mother of mercy the roster...... This could only mean one thing....... THE MOTHER OF ALL FIGHTING GAMES HAS BEGUN!!
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Yes, but it's unlikely it will actually be made. I'm basically just doing moves and quotes for fun, with Dimension-Dino's help of course.
S3rpente Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
Alucard (Hellsing)

Level 1 Hyper Combo: Shapeshifting

Level 2 Hyper Combo: Release States

Level 3 Hyper Combo: Level Zero

Special Moves:



MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
I don't take requests. Sorry.
UltimateSaiyanEddy Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
Is it okay if I can find better themes for some characters?
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
Nah, I'm keeping the themes just the way they are.
UltimateSaiyanEddy Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
Sorry. It's just that... it's been so long. And I wanna do something new for you.
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
After I do Travis, Starkiller and Bucky, I'll come up with something, okay?
Dimension-Dino Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Can I suggest changing Orchid's Theme to this...
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Absolutely. :D
S3rpente Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Lemming (Lemmings)
Worm (Worms)
UltimateSaiyanEddy Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
You're gonna edit this with the ones we recently did right?
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Maybe later...
SonicPal Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
When will it be later?
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
SonicPal Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
Well. Someone asked you when you are going to update the roster, you said later. I want to know when will it be later?
MetaMaster54610 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
I don't know, I don't feel like it right now...
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