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Voiced by Eric Stuart [Alakazam]/Lisa Ortiz [Sabrina]

Character Bio
Alakazam is the final evolution of Abra. An incredibly smart Pokemon with powerful psychic powers, Alakazam's IQ is said to be on par with that of a supercomputer. This Alakazam is under the ownership of Sabrina, gym leader of Saffron City.

Standard Appearance
Shiny Alakazam
Pokemopolis Alakazam

NOTE: Sabrina does all the dialogue
Hmm...Will this end in our favour? [When selected]
Can you hope to match our psychic power? [When selected]
You all seem quite eager. [When selected]
Use it well, Alakazam. [Picking up an item]
Go. [Picking up an item]
Hmm... [Picking up an item]
We will pull through. [Picking up an item]
I received a vision...This weapon will help. [Picking up an item]
Just as I foresaw. [After performing a successful Super]
That is the power of Psychic. [After performing a successful Super]
I dislike fighting... [After performing a successful Super]
You seem rather...shocked. [After performing a successful Super]
It seems you have lost. [After performing a successful Super]
We will have to work harder to win. [After respawning]
I still foresee our victory. [After respawning]
I did not foresee them putting up such a fight... [After respawning]
Impressive. You're combating the unseen power of Psychic. [After respawning]
Alakazam. Show them your true power. [After respawning]

-Sabrina walks onscreen and releases Alakazam from a Pokeball, who takes a meditative stance and summons his spoons. "Now then, Alakazam...Shall we show them the true power of Psychic Pokemon?"
-Sabrina and Alakazam are both shown meditating before Sabrina opens one eye and floats to her feet, Alakazam following suit. "It would seem we've finally found our competition, Alakazam."
-Alakazam steps forward and holds his spoons out as Sabrina steps up behind it. "Remember, Alakazam. We mustn't lose."
-Alakazam and Sabrina teleport onscreen, Alakazam in a battle ready position, Sabrina with a hand on her hip. "I believe in you, Alakazam."

-Alakazam sits down and meditates.
-Alakazam telekinetically juggles his spoons.
-Alakazam pulls out a third spoon and telekinetically bends it.

-Alakazam's eyes glow blue as his spoons circle his body, Sabrina smirking slightly behind him.
-Sabrina calls Alakazam back to his Pokeball and levitates it above her hand with a smirk.
-Sabrina smiles warmly as she rubs the top of Alakazam's head.
-Alakazam crosses his arms and nods, then blushes when a smiling Sabrina pulls him into a hug.

Losing Outros
-Alakazam tosses his spoons into the air in frustration, and they come back down on Sabrina's head, who rubs her head with an annoyed look on her face.
-Alakazam looks down and shakes his head as Sabrina approaches and puts a hand on its shoulder.
-An unconscious Alakazam is called back to its Pokeball by a frowning Sabrina.
-Alakazam sits down and sighs, Sabrina taking a seat next to him.

Results Screen Poses
-Alakazam is holding its spoons forward while Sabrina is levitating some rocks in the air. [Winning]
-Alakazam and Sabrina are rubbing their heads with a wince. [Losing]

Square Moves

Standard: Spoon Attack. Alakazam swings his spoons up to three times.
Side: Psychic Force. Alakazam thrusts his spoons forward, creating a wall of force that launches opponents back.
Up: Spoon Orbit. Alakazam uses telekinesis to cause his spoons to circle around his body.
Down: Protect. Alakazam forms a green barrier around his body to defend from attacks.

Triangle Moves

Standard: Kinesis. Alakazam sends a wave of telekinetic energy that damages and stuns opponents.
Side: Confusion. Alakazam sends some rings of purple energy forward.
Up: Meditate. Alakazam sits down and takes a meditative position, floating into the air.
Down: Telekinesis. Alakazam sends forward a burst of telekinetic energy. If an opponent touches it, they will be levitated into the air and launched back.

Circle Moves:

Standard: Psybeam. Alakazam crosses his spoons in front of his body, firing a rainbow-colored laser of psychic energy at the opponent.
Side: Psycho Cut. Alakazam swings his spoons downward, firing off a blade of psychic power.
Up: Teleport. Alakazam teleports in the direction the control stick is tilted.
Down: Recover. Alakazam gains a yellow aura, causing him to gain some AP.


Level 1: Teleport Strike. Alakazam teleports forward and swings its spoons, KOing anyone it hits.
Level 2: Psychic. Alakazam creates a large field of psychic energy. Anyone caught up in it is levitated into the air and slammed into the ground for an instant KO.
Level 3: Mega Alakazam. Sabrina taps a keystone, causing Alakazam to evolve into Mega Alakazam, allowing it to freely KO opponents.


Forward: Alakazam telekinetically tosses the opponent forward.
Up: Alakazam telekinetically tosses the opponent upward.
Down: Alakazam telekinetically tosses the opponent downward.

Kirby Hat: Kirby gains Alakazam's ears and moustache.

Heihachi Level 3 Super Animation: Alakazam and Sabrina are chained around the waist, Alakazam trying to telekinetically pull off the chains while Sabrina frantically tugs at them.
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